21+ Stocking Stuffers for Men

No matter which holiday you celebrate during this time, chances are, giving gifts is a part of your tradition. For the men in your life — brothers, sons, dads, extended family, husbands, boyfriends, friends, and coworkers that don’t suck — you may want to give a few small gifts.

While these “stocking stuffers” or “stocking fillers” often fill out the space under the tree next to bigger-ticket items, they can also stand alone as small token gifts. A few put together can make nice little “loot bags” for the guys you call by their first names, as personal or professional as you want to make them.

Christmas Cookies

Beer n Nuts Bouquet

Boyfriend Stuffers


magnetic wristband

Candy Box

Candy Crush

drawer storage bins

Candy Poster

Candy Puns

healthy treats

Gym Kit

Happy Pills


healthy smoothie recipes

I Tunes Candle

Christmas Cookies

Jack n Coke

Men Stocking Stuffers

magnetic wristband

Mini Jack n Coke

pizza themed care package

Reeses Beer

snacks and supplies

Tee Shirts

drawer storage bins