Crafts to Do While Watching TV

5 Crafts to Do While Watching TV

While watching TV can be a relaxing way to wind down, it can also be the perfect time to engage in something a little bit more hands-on and creative.

Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening at home or binge-watching the latest series, why not make the most of that time by picking up a craft?

Crafting while catching up on your favorite shows is a great way to multitask, and it leaves you with something tangible and beautiful at the end of a few episodes.

From making jewelry to crochet, there are plenty of crafts that you can do without missing a moment of your show.

Not only do these activities serve as a productive use of relaxation time, but they also offer the opportunity to create custom pieces and even perhaps hand-made gifts for friends and family.

Plus, taking on crafts using budget-friendly DIY techniques ensures that you can have a guilt-free crafting session while unwinding in front of the TV.

Let’s jump into five crafts that are perfect for doing in front of the television, each offering a combination of simplicity, enjoyment, and creative satisfaction.

DIY Wall Hanging

Overview of the Project

A DIY wall hanging can add a personal touch to your decor, and the repetitive motions of cutting and tying fabric make it a relaxing craft to do while watching TV.

Materials Needed

· A collection of fabric in various colors and textures

· Scissors

· Thread

· Needle

· Yarn of different thicknesses

· A wooden dowel or a stick

· A hoop (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Decide how long you want your wall hanging to be and cut your fabric and yarn into strips—length can vary for texture.

2. Fold a strip in half and place the looped end under your dowel.

3. Pull the loose ends over the dowel and through the loop to create a knot.

Repeat this with different fabrics and yarns until the dowel is covered.

4. If you want to add braided or plaited sections, now is the time to incorporate them.

Simply take three strips and braid them together, securing each end with a knot.

5. Use thread and needle to attach additional decorative elements such as beads or feathers.

6. Trim the bottom of your hanging if you prefer a straight edge, or keep it uneven for a more bohemian look.

7. Tie a piece of yarn to each end of the dowel to create the hanging loop.

Tips for Making the Most of Your DIY Wall Hanging

· Vary texture and color placement for visual interest.

· Don’t worry about making it perfect—uneven edges can add character.

Variations and Customization Options

· Add a second row of knots beneath the first for a more intricate design.

· Dip-dye the ends of your fabric strips for an ombre effect.


Overview of the Project

Embroidery offers a meticulous craft, but once you get into the rhythm, it doesn’t require much visual attention, making it perfect for TV time.

Materials Needed

· Fabric (preferably a solid, light color)

· Embroidery floss

· Embroidery needle

· Hoop

· Pattern (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Stretch your fabric in the embroidery hoop securely.

2. Choose a pattern or draw your design lightly with a pencil on the fabric.

3. Start your embroidery using different stitches such as the running stitch, backstitch, or satin stitch for various textures and effects.

4. Change thread colors as required to bring your design to life.

5. Once completed, trim any excess fabric and secure the design in the hoop.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Embroidery

· Use short lengths of thread to avoid tangling.

· Tie small knots at the end of each thread on the backside of your work to keep it neat.

Variations and Customization Options

· Experiment with beads or sequins to add a dimensional element.

· Consider using variegated floss for a multi-tonal effect without changing threads.

Jewelry Making

Overview of the Project

While watching your shows, threading beads or bending wire to create unique jewelry pieces can be a delightful way to keep your hands busy.

Materials Needed

· A selection of beads

· Wire or jewelry thread

· Pliers (if using wire)

· Jewelry findings (clasps, earring hooks, etc.)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Plan out your design, laying out your beads in the order they’ll be threaded.

2. Cut a length of wire or thread, considering the needed length for a bracelet, necklace, or earrings.

3. One by one, thread your beads onto the wire or thread, following your planned pattern.

4. Once at the desired length, attach your findings to either end, using pliers if necessary to secure.

5. Make sure all ends are tucked in neatly to avoid any sharp edges.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Jewelry Making

· If you’re using wire, opt for a flexible gauge that’s easy to manipulate.

· Using a beading mat can prevent beads from rolling away.

Variations and Customization Options

· Mix and match different types of beads (glass, wood, metal) for eclectic pieces.

· Layer multiple strands of beads for a chunky, statement accessory.


Overview of the Project

Crochet is another craft well-suited to TV watching, with repetitive stitches that can be memorized and executed by feel once you’re experienced.

Materials Needed

· Yarn in your choice of color and weight

· A crochet hook appropriate for your yarn weight

· Pattern (if following a specific design)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Make a slip knot on your crochet hook and follow your pattern, starting with basic stitches like chains and single crochet.

2. Work row by row, building up your fabric according to the pattern’s instructions.

3. Count your stitches periodically to ensure you stay on track.

4. As you work, you can change yarn colors for stripes or other patterns.

5. Once your piece reaches the desired size, bind off and weave in any loose ends.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Crochet

· Keep a small light by your side in case you need to check your stitches.

· Choose a simple pattern with familiar stitches to minimize the need to look away from the TV.

Variations and Customization Options

· Play with textural stitches like the bobble or popcorn stitch for variety.

· Add a crocheted edge to a fleece blanket for a quick and cozy project.

Paper Crafts

Overview of the Project

Making crafts out of paper is a versatile activity and numerous simple projects can be done while entertained by a show.

Materials Needed

· Paper (construction, scrapbook, or origami)

· Scissors

· Glue

· Patterns or templates (for more complicated designs)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Choose a paper craft project such as paper flowers, greeting cards, or origami.

2. If needed, print templates or select patterns to follow.

3. Cut, fold, and glue your paper as required to create your project.

4. For origami, follow the step-by-step folds to transform a square piece of paper into a three-dimensional figure.

5. Once your project is complete, you can use it to decorate your space or give it as a gift.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Paper Crafts

· Keep a clear workspace to organize different pieces or sections of your project.

· If gluing, give your project time to dry before moving it.

Variations and Customization Options

· Try quilling, which involves rolling strips of paper to create intricate designs.

· For paper flowers, vary the petal shapes and sizes for a natural look.


Combining crafts with TV time is an efficient and enjoyable way to engage your hands and mind.

Whether you’re making something for yourself or creating gifts for others, you’ll find that these craft ideas add an extra layer of satisfaction to your relaxation time.

Moreover, utilizing budget-friendly DIY techniques ensures these crafts are accessible and doable for anyone looking to add a bit of creativity to their screen time.

So next time you settle down to watch TV, consider picking up one of these crafts and make the most of your downtime.