33+ Easy White Christmas Decorations for the Home

From ‘Anthropologie Inspired Wool Wreaths’ to ‘DIY Miniature Christmas Trees’ why not give your a home a touch of elegance this Christmas with these DIY’s fit for any winter wonderland. You don’t have to break the bank this holiday season to create an elegant winter wonderland in your home this Christmas.

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Christmas Cookies

Elegant White Decorated Christmas Room


Fake snow a white glimmer reindeer some silver tree branches and some white pearl and flower decorations and some white LEDs

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Gold and White Room for Christmas

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Gorgeous tree branches arranged for a white Christmas

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Lanterns on white fur


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LED Lights for Mantel

Christmas Cookies


Silver and White Tablescape

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Snow White Christmas Tree


Twinkling Hallway for White Christmas


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White Christmas Tree


White Fluffy Christmas Tree

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1. Glowing Snow in a Jar

Glowing Snow in a Jar
Make a glowing snow luminary by adding battery operated led lights inside a jar and then fill it with fake snow.
Tutorial Glowing Snow in a Jar


2. Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest
For a winter wonderland theme, collect some branches and paint with PVA glue, salt is then sprinkled on this and once dry you can add to a jar with pine cones.
Tutorial Enchanted Forest


3. Frosted Lantern

Frosted Lantern
For a cheap and easy decoration , glue four picture frames together to form a lantern and paint the inside with PVA glue and sprinkle salt to create the frosted effect.
Tutorial Frosted Lantern


4. Shadow Box

Shadow Box
Fill a shadow box with cotton wool, mini trees, Christmas figurines and battery operated led lights to create this beautiful winter scene idea.
Tutorial Shadow Box


5. Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland
All you need for this simple garden is some white tinsel and string. Cut the tinsel every two centimeters to create the snowflakes and stitch to string with a needle.
Tutorial Snowflake Garland


6. Yarn Tree

Yarn Tree
Make this tree by wrapping a paper cone with plastic wrap and dip white yarn in PVA glue which will then be wrapped around this. Once dry your tree can be removed from the cone.
Tutorial Yarn Tree


7. Easy Homemade Candles

Easy Homemade Candles
Candles are a must for festive decor – to make these you’ll need soy wax chips, wicks, jars and fragrance.
Tutorial Easy Homemade Candles


8. Anthropologie Inspired ‘wool’ Wreath

Anthropologie inspired ‘wool’ wreath
To recreate this wreath, make multiple pom poms from white yarn and attach to a wreath form.
Tutorial Anthropologie Inspired ‘wool’ Wreath


9. Waterless Snow Globes

Waterless Snow Globes
Simplify snow globes by removing water. Simply hot glue mini trees and Christmas figurines to the inside of a mason jar lid. You can make as many as you like to form an arrangement.
Tutorial Waterless Snow Globes


10. Paper Cut Winter Scene in a Glass Dome

Paper Cut Winter Scene in a Glass Dome
The tutorial for this includes a PDF template for the silhouettes so all you need to do is print and cut them and add to a glass jar.
Tutorial Paper Cut Winter Scene in a Glass Dome


11. Silhouette Christmas Trees

Silhouette Christmas Trees
Make these trees with a cricut machine or simply download the template which is included in the tutorial.
Tutorial Silhouette Christmas Trees


12. Tea Light Paper Houses

Tea Light Paper Houses
These tealight holders are so unique and you can glue different colored tissue paper behind the windows to make them shine in an assortment of colors.
Tutorial Tea Light Paper Houses


13. Candle Wicks and Cinnamon Sticks

Candle Wicks and Cinnamon Sticks
For a really festive scent that won’t cost a fortune – wrap cinnamon sticks to the outside of a candle and paint white. Once the candle is burned the cozy smell will fill the room.
Tutorial Candle Wicks and Cinnamon Sticks


14. Gold and White Alphabet Banner Printables

Gold and White Alphabet Banner Printables
This printable banner will add festive cheer to anywhere in the home whether you want to place it on the tree or hang it proudly on the mantel,
Tutorial Gold and White Alphabet Banner Printables


15. Crepe Paper Ballerina Ornaments

Crepe Paper Ballerina Ornaments
Make these delicate ballerinas with wire and white crepe paper which is used to make their pretty dresses.
Tutorial Crepe Paper Ballerina Ornaments