44+ Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage is always at a premium in the bathroom. Think of all the accessories you have: shampoos, conditioners, makeup, toilet rolls, toothpaste, razors etc to name but a few. No wonder morning times can be a nightmare, especially if you haven’t brought your A-Game to the storage department. But fret no more. Below we’ve listed 19 amazing ideas to help you keep all those accessories organized which will help you streamline your morning routine!

1. Anthropologie Style Soap Dispensers

Anthropologie Style Soap Dispensers
Tutorial Anthropologie Style Soap Dispensers

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2. Cabinet Door Storage Bins

Cabinet Door Storage Bins
Cabinet doors are the perfect place to add storage bins, which are great for storing bulky, heavy items, whilst also keeping them within easy reach. This project works best underneath vanity cabinets where there are no shelves.
Tutorial Cabinet Door Storage Bins


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3. Colorful Cermamic Pots as Containers

Colorful Cermamic Pots as Containers
Tutorial Colorful Cermamic Pots as Containers


drawer storage bins

4. DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump

DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump
This is a really easy 5 minute tutorial! All you need is a mason jar, stainless steel lotion dispenser and masking tape, and soon you’ll have a really snazzy way of storing your liquid soap.
Tutorial DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump


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5. Magnetic Bathroom Rack

Magnetic Bathroom Rack 1
Use a magnetic knife rack to keep all your metallic bathroom accessories organized and within easy reach. You should be able to pick one up online for less than $10 and they’re so easy to affix.
Tutorial Magnetic Bathroom Rack | Buy on Amazon Magnetic Rack


6. Mason Jar Bathroom Set

Mason Jar Bathroom Set
Who said diamonds are a girls best friend?? Because as we all know, mason jars are most definitely a girls best friend especially when you need to get your bathroom accessories organized quickly and cheaply. Check out the below tutorial to see how to do it in style!
Tutorial Mason Jar Bathroom Set

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7. Organize Cabinet with Plastic Containers

Organize Cabinet with Plastic Containers
Under the sink is normally where anything and everything is thrown and over time it can become the place of nightmares. So check out the below tutorial to see how you can quickly get it all under control and super organized by using plastic containers and labels you can print yourself.
Tutorial Organize Cabinet with Plastic Containers


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8. PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders
Here’s a perfect way to store your toothbrushes – hidden away on the inside of your cupboard door, they are easily accessible by all members of the family. All you need is, 1 inch PVC pipe, PVC pipe end caps and command hooks.
Tutorial PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders


9. Window Box Bathroom Storage

Window Box Bathroom Storage 1
I seriously love this project, because not only is it super practical but it’ll give your bathroom some 5 star style! The project only costs about $35 in total and because the wicker baskets are so deep you can store bulky items as well!
Tutorial Window Box Bathroom Storage


10. Rustic Bath Caddy From a Single Board of Reclaimed Wood

Rustic Bath Caddy From a Single Board of Reclaimed Wood
You can make this rustic bath caddy from a single board of reclaimed wood and bring a true spa feeling to your bathroom. Reclaimed wood can be found at local salvage yards – and try to get a piece that extends about 6 inches past the width of your tub. Use the excess cut wood from the board to make the underside slats.
Tutorial Rustic Bath Caddy

drawer storage bins


11. His and Hers Medicine Cabinets

His and Hers Medicine Cabinets
Add some funk to your medicine cabinets in no time at all with some peel and stick wallpaper. You can get a variety of different prints for men, women and children!
Tutorial His and Hers Medicine Cabinets


12. Over Door Storage

Over Door Storage
Utilize door space and banish bulk with a floating shelf! This really takes every nook and cranny to the next level by creating space where there was none. I also use this to hide expensive toiletries from other people in my house.
Tutorial Over Door Storage | Buy on Amazon Floating Wall Shelf


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13. Upcycle a Vase into Tissue Storage

Upcycle a Vase into Tissue Storage
Here’s a great way to repurpose a glass vase you already have into a storage piece thats both functional and super chic. If you dont have a vase you could probably pick up something similar at a flea market.
Tutorial Upcycle a Vase into Tissue Storage


14. Use Cabinet Doors

Use Cabinet Doors
Create more space by using cabinet doors for storage! This is such a clever way to tidy items like hairdryers and flat irons. All you need is a magazine organizer and some command strips to attach it to the back of the door.
Tutorial Use Cabinet Doors | Buy on Amazon Magazine Organizer

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15. Over Tank Toilet Paper Storage

Over Tank Toilet Paper Storage
Save room and hold those rolls with a toilet paper hanger clip. Don’t waste precious room, store extra supplies like toilet paper in your laundry room and use this nifty clip which takes up hardly any space on the side of your toilet.
Tutorial Over Tank Toilet Paper Storage | Buy on Amazon Toilet Paper Storage

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16. Install Magnetic Strips

Install Magnetic Strips
Save bobby pins from the abyss with magnetic strips! I love this hack which is great for lazy organization. You can use this for tweezers, scissors –pretty much anything the magnet attracts except of course money – that’s all mine.
Tutorial Install Magnetic Strips | Buy on Amazon Magnetic Tape


17. Get Crate-ive

Get Crate-ive
Make your own shelves from crates! This is a fab way to add a touch of rustic to your bathroom and makes your towels look neat and tidy. You can either purchase a set of crates or upcycle some old ones to recreate this look.
Tutorial Get Crate-ive | Buy on Amazon Crates


18. Trinket Organizer

Trinket Organizer
Display toiletries on a trinket organizer! If your counter looks more clutter than chic – then you need to make yourself a little organizer from 2 dishes a candlestick and some glue –think display not disarray.
Tutorial Trinket Organizer


19. Pedestal Sink Storage

Pedestal Sink Storage
Create storage from your sink with a cabinet! Even a pedestal sink can be transformed with a rack or a cabinet – you can even pop a curtain round it for a secret storage space !
Tutorial Pedestal Sink Storage | Buy on Amazon Sink Storage Cabinet


20. Under Sink Storage

Under Sink Storage
Bring on the bins and banish clutter! Make use of under sink space by storing items in pretty bins and trays. You can line the cabinet with drawer liner to make it super easy to clean!
Tutorial Under Sink Storage | Buy on Amazon Stackable Shelf


21. Shower Pocket Organizer

Shower Pocket Organizer
Shower pocket organizers are amazing! You can keep all your shower accessories within easy reach, all neatly organized and ready for instant use. The mesh fabric is quick drying so even when it gets wet it wont get moldy and smelly. Seriously, you’re bathroom needs one of these asap!
Buy on Amazon Shower Pocket Organizer


22. Back of the Door Towel Storage

Back of the Door Towel Storage
Placing towel bars on the backs of bathroom doors is a great way to use that space efficiently and it’s a lot easier to affix them to a wooden door (as most are) than to a plaster wall. Once they’re in place you’ll have a great place to store even the bulkiest of towels.
Tutorial Back of the Door Towel Storage | Buy on Amazon Towel Bars


23. Repurpose Old Ladder for Towel Storage

Repurpose Old Ladder for Towel Storage
Upcycle an old ladder into some chic bathroom towel storage. If you don’t have an old ladder you could pick one up at a local flea market or online. Just clean it up and add some high gloss varnish!
Tutorial Repurpose Old Ladder for Towel Storage


24. Over the Door Bulk Storage

Over the Door Bulk Storage
Use the wasted space above your bathroom door by installing a shelf to store bulky items like towels or bulk bough toilet rolls. It’ll take a little bit of work to complete the project but it’s a really great way of turning wasted space into extra storage!
Tutorial Over the Door Bulk Storage


25. DIY Magnetic Storage Board

DIY Magnetic Storage Board
Here’s another great way you can use magnets to keep your bathroom organized! Magnetic makeup boards are the simplest way to keep all your everyday beauty items, including lipsticks, eyeliners, makeup brushes, mascara, and eye shadow palettes, organized and within easy reach.
Tutorial DIY Magnetic Storage Board

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