55+ Easy Anniversary Gifts for Him

From a romantic mixed CD to typography wall art, check out these super sweet ideas to show your love this Valentines Day!

1. Talk Nerdy to Me

Talk Nerdy to Me
Tutorial Talk Nerdy to Me

Christmas Cookies


2. Couple Hoodies

Couple Hoodies
Tutorial Couple Hoodies


magnetic wristband

3. Dry Erase Frame

Dry Erase Frame
Tutorial Dry Erase Frame


drawer storage bins

4. Emoji Mug

Emoji Mug
Tutorial Emoji Mug


healthy treats

5. Framed Photo

Framed Photo
Tutorial Framed Photo


6. 1 Direction Inspired

1 Direction Inspired
Tutorial 1 Direction Inspired

healthy smoothie recipes


Christmas Cookies

7. Couple Silhouette Pillow

Couple Silhouette Pillow
Tutorial Couple Silhouette Pillow


magnetic wristband

8. Cozy Hand Warmer

Cozy Hand Warmer
Tutorial Cozy Hand Warmer


9. Darling Free Printable

Darling Free Printable
Tutorial Darling Free Printable


10. Date in a Box

Date in a Box
Tutorial Date in a Box

drawer storage bins


11. Donut Want to be Without You

Donut Want to be Without You
Tutorial Donut Want to be Without You


12. Faux Wood Candles

Faux Wood Candles
Tutorial Faux Wood Candles


healthy treats

13. Gold Heart Mugs

Gold Heart Mugs
Tutorial Gold Heart Mugs


14. Heart Eye Emoji Treats

Heart Eye Emoji Treats
Tutorial Heart Eye Emoji Treats

healthy smoothie recipes


15. Hearty Tumble Game

Hearty Tumble Game
Tutorial Hearty Tumble Game

magnetic wristband


16. I Love Moo Treat Jars

I Love Moo Treat Jars
Tutorial I Love Moo Treat Jars


17. Jar of Love

Jar of Love
Tutorial Jar of Love


18. Kisses For You

Kisses For You
Tutorial Kisses For You


19. Love Lottery

Love Lottery
Tutorial Love Lottery


20. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle
Tutorial Message in a Bottle


21. Mixed CD

Mixed CD
Tutorial Mixed CD


22. Number Photo Collage

Number Photo Collage
Tutorial Number Photo Collage


23. Nutella Brownies

Nutella Brownies
Tutorial Nutella Brownies


24. Special Candy Bar Wraps

Special Candy Bar Wraps
Tutorial Special Candy Bar Wraps


25. Typography Wall Art

Typography Wall Art
Tutorial Typography Wall Art


26. Won The Lottery Hamper

Won The Lottery Hamper
Tutorial Won The Lottery Hamper


27. Youre Poppin

Youre Poppin
Tutorial Youre Poppin


28. Love Notes

Love Notes
Tutorial Love Notes