DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

Don’t throw out those empty wine bottles! Repurposed DIY wine bottle crafts come in many shapes and sizes, so you can still use them even if the last drop of red has been squeezed from the cork. It’s time to recycle with style! Put your old wine bottles to good use with these fun and easy crafts. These impressive DIYs make for thoughtful gifts or homemade house decor items to keep for yourself.

Balloon bottles Perfect way to reuse those coffee and juice bottles

Chalkboard wine bottles

magnetic wristband

Cute wine bottle craft

decorated wine bottles

Decorative wine bottles

Doodles inspired by Zentangles

magnetic wristband

Easy DIY wine bottle craft All I did was paint a bottle with acrylic paint wrap the middle with burlap

hand painted wine bottles

Home wine bottle

painted wine bottle upcycle

painted wine bottles with jute

Spray with metallic gold spray paint then Spray 2 layers of pink glitter spray paint

Repurposed a few wine bottles for Valentines Day using various things from around the house

Wine bottle crafts

Wine bottle crafts

Wine bottle crafts

Wine bottle crafts for Christmas