10 DIY Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Minecraft, a virtual world of block building, has taken the world by storm and for my money has got to be the most popular game on the market today, which is even more remarkable considering it’s humble beginnings!
(tutorial links are above each image)

1. Learn how to make these adorable Minecraft figurines, perfect for topping a Minecraft Cake or Cupcakes. (Tutorial)

2. Make your own Nerf gun target with cardboard and colored tape. (Tutorial)

3. Check out the cool instructable to learn how to make the Steve-Minecraft costume. (Tutorial)

4. Make this ‘Creeper Knockdown’ game with green foam blocks and black duct tape. (Tutorial)

5. Green food dye creates this awesome looking icicng. (Recipe)

6. Glue the ‘creeper’ template from this tutorial to a paper lantern to create these awesome decorations! (Tutorial)

7. Learn how to make an awesome Minecraft Cake with chocolate cake, rice krispie treats and jello shots. (Recipe)

8. Make a minecraft torch using wooden blocks, glue and paint. (Tutorial)

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9. Use molds to make these delicious cake pops. (Tutorial)

10. Check out these awesome “Free Printable” minecraft invitations! (Tutorial)

10 Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas - Click for Full Tutorials