10 DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you seem to be wearing the same bling over and over because you can’t find anything all the other jewelry you own – then it’s time to get organized.
(tutorial links are above each image)

1. Upcycled Wooden Tray - with little drawers and spools. (

2. Add some eye hooks to a coat hanger (

3. Learn how to upcycle a piece of driftwood (

4. Grab an old piece of wood & glue the painted twigs into it. (rebeccasdiy)

5. Antlers with all their points & spikes make perfect display stands. (

6. Get yourself down to a flea market, grab an old picture frame. (

7. Just four ingredients need for this: Twig, Twine, Super Glue and S-Hooks. (

8. You may have an old cutlery tray lying around - if not you can pick them up pretty cheap at IKEA. (

9. Speaking of IKEA here’s a great way to repurpose a utensil holder (

10. This is a great way to show off all your lovely jewelry without drilling a million holes in your walls. (

Pine Cones

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