30+ Genius Home Decor Ideas on a Budget

Small decorating projects are a lot easier than taking on full decorating makeovers and by utilizing all the decor ideas we’ve listed below you can accomplish any renovation job around the home at a fraction of the cost. Some of the projects may take a little bit longer so could be probably put into the weekend makeover category.

1. Tension Rod Hacks
Tension Rod Hacks
In the never ending battle to stay organized we all need a secret weapon in our lives and without question it’s the unassuming, humble tension rod. The list of jobs they can accomplish around the home is endless!
2 x Tension Rods, 18-26″, $9.99, Amazon

2. Copper Tin Planters
Copper Tin Planters
Upcycle your old tins into these eye catching copper planters. All you need is some Rustoleum copper spray paint which has the same beautiful sheen as the gold one.
View Tutorial Copper Tin Planters | 6 x Rust-Oleum Copper Spray, $22.56, Amazon

3. Easy Shoe Storage with Tension Rods
Tension Rod Shoe Storage
Shoes getting out of hand? No problem, just fit a few tension rods for an immediate shoe rack, no drilling required! Okay so this is more of a storage idea than a decor idea, but I actually love the look of a wall covered in high heels.
4 x Tension Rods, 27-42″, $21.99, Amazon

drawer storage bins

4. Crate Bench Hack
Crate Bench Hack
Furniture that also doubles as storage for items you need easy access to? Yes please!
Once you have your supplies to hand, two crates, white spray paint and wood board, you could get this project completed in about an hour.
View Tutorial Crate Bench Hack

5. Dollar Tree Curtain Hook
Dollar Tree DIY Curtain Hook
Here’s another renter friendly tutorial that doesn’t need any power tools, yay! And what I love about this home decor idea is that no-one ever thinks to bling up their curtain hooks so it really is great for making your decor look that little bit more audacious.
View Tutorial Dollar Tree Curtain Hook

6. Dollar Tree Gold Organizer
Dollar Tree Marble and Gold Organizer
You haven’t lived unless you’ve completed a dollar store crate tutorial and what a way to start with this gold and marble style organizer. You’ll need 9 crates that are held together with zip ties, then its the fun part, spraying it all gold!
View Tutorial Dollar Tree Gold Organizer

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7.Stick-On Wall Paper For A Super Cool Accent Wall
Stick On Wall Paper For A Super Cool Accent Wall
Create instant accent walls in the easiest way possible – just peel, stick and decorate. Easy!
Buy on Amazon Stick-On Wall Paper

8. Pom Pom Rug
DIY Pom Pom Rug
You’ll need about 10 skeins of yarn and it seems the fluffier the yarn, the less you’ll need. It’s also recommended to use polyester/wool as they are washable and cheaper than other materials.
View Tutorial DIY Pom Pom Rug

9. Coffee Stirrer Wall Art
Coffee Stirrer
This is a really creative “reclaimed wood” art project you can do for less than $7 using coffee stirrers. Awesome! You can pick up the wooden frames at Michael’s for $1.49 each.
View Tutorial Coffee Stirrer Wall Art

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10. Bohemian Hanging Chimes
DIY Bohemian Hanging Chimes
Add some bright Bohemian style to your walls with these multi-colored, Anthropologie style chimes. Who doesn’t love a good Anthropologie hack that costs next to nothing?
View Tutorial Bohemian Hanging Chimes

11. Cotton Ball Lights
Cable Cotton
Learn how to re-purpose some old Christmas tree lights and some yarn into these awesome cotton ball lights. This is actually a great craft for just after Christmas when you’ve taken your lights down but want to keep a bit of festive cheer about the house.
Tutorial Cotton Ball Lights

12. Designer Switchplates
DIY Designer Switchplates
Here’s another Anthropologie inspired tutorial using minimal supplies yet a DIY project that will have a dramatic impact on your wall decor.
Watch Tutorial Designer Switchplates

13. DIY Pallet Coffee Table
DIY Pallet Coffee Table
Another great pallet project inspired by the millions of similar types on Pinterest.
View Tutorial DIY Pallet Coffee Table

14. Anthro Inspired Copper Shelves
Anthro Inspired DIY Copper Shelves DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget
Take your shelf game to the next level with these uber stylish copper shelves. No prizes for guessing that this is another Anthropologie inspired tutorial!
View Tutorial Anthro Inspired Copper Shelves

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15. DIY Chalkboard Signs
DIY Chalkboard Signs
Here’s a really quick, inexpensive project for chalkboard signs that’d be perfect for menu’s, shopping lists or even inspirational quotes!
View Tutorial DIY Chalkboard Signs

16. DIY Pallet Coffee Table
DIY Pallet Coffee Table DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget
Learn how to make this statement pallet table with chevron pattern and under shelf. This is definitely one of the most amazing pallet DIY’s I’ve ever seen.
View Tutorial Designer Pallet Coffee Table

17. Wooden Crate Side Table
DIY Wooden Crate Side Table DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget
This definitely comes under the “trash into treasure” DIY project and would be perfect for almost any room in the home.
View Tutorial Wooden Crate Side Table

18. Pottery Barn Knock Off Cabinet
Pottery Barn Knock Off File Cabinet DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget
Learn how to turn a $9 file cabinet into a $599 Pottery Barn knock off. This is probably my favorite filing cabinet makeover ever, and it’s the kind of project anyone can do.
View Tutorial Pottery Barn Cabinet Hack

19. Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles
Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles

All you need for this amazing craft are a few old bottles, yarn, mod podge/glue and a pair of scissors.
View Tutorial Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles

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20. Moroccan Candle Holders
Moroccan Candle Holders
These decorative candle holders are so simple to make and are a great addition to any room.
View Tutorial Moroccan Candle Holders

21. Antique Frame Jewelry Holder
DIY Antique Frame Jewelry Holder
This is a great way to upcylce an old frame into something practical and beautiful. And if you don’t have one to hand it’ll give you the perfect excuse to get down to your local flea market to pick one up!
Tutorial DIY Antique Frame Jewelry Holder

22. Mirror made from Plastic Spoons
Chrysanthemum Mirror made from Plastic Spoons
You’ll need to get a few supplies down at your local craft store – including about 300 plastic spoons (but they should only cost about $8 in total). Once you get the spoons into place you can paint them different shades to give a really awesome ombre effect.
View Tutorial Mirror made from Plastic Spoons

23. Autumn Leaf Bowls
DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls
This craft is made using faux leaves, which you can pick up online or in your local craft store. You’ll also need some mod podge, a foam brush and a balloon.
View Tutorial Autumn Leaf Bowls

24. Colored Glass Mason Jars
DIY Colored Glass Mason Jars
By using food coloring you can create these really pretty jars, perfect for vases, candle holders and a whole load of other things.
View Tutorial DIY Colored Glass Mason Jars

25. How to Repurpose a Door into a Table
How to Repurpose a Door into a Table
You’ll need a bit of elbow grease for this project but seriously what a unique piece of furniture you’ll have when you’re done. Please note: To make the table functional you’ll need a piece of tempered glass to go over the top of it.
View Tutorial How to Repurpose a Door into a Table

26. Ping Pong Ball Pendant
Ping Pong Ball Pendant
What you need to do is pick up a bag of ping pong balls (you can get them cheap online – and will need about 180) and spray paint them in different colors. You’ll need to drill holes into each of the balls and tie them all to the lampshade structure, so there’s a little bit of work – but for the end result, its definitely worth the effort.
View Tutorial Ping Pong Ball Pendant

27. Sunburst Mirror
Sequin TB Roll Sunburst Mirror
If you have some spare PVC piping lying around (cardboard tubes may also work) then you simply cut it into very thin slices and glue it together and add some sequins (or whatever you have to hand) for some decoration…how very cool!
Tutorial Sequin TB Roll Sunburst Mirror

28. Paint Dipped Frame
Paint Dipped Frame
Add some Parisian style chic to your home decor with this fab paint dipped frame.
This is a great way to upcycle an old frame with just a few supplies: gold spray paint, fusion mineral paint and tape.
View Tutorial Paint Dipped Frame

29. Update a Hand Me Down Dresser
How to Update a Hand Me Down Dresser
Use gift wrap and the superhero that is Mod Podge to update or remodel an old dresser. Just take note, because it’s Mod Podge, you’ll want to ensure that the dresser you’re planning to remodel won’t be getting wet on a regular basis as it will begin to crinkle a lot. You could also use spare wallpaper instead of the gift wrap.
View Tutorial Update a Hand Me Down Dresser

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30. Paint Chip Wall Art
Paint Chip Wall Art
Everyone’s got a spare frame lying round, so just freshen it up with a lick of paint, acquire some paint chips (you can even get samples online) and you’re good to.
View Tutorial Paint Chip Wall Art

31. Painted Paisley Stones
Painted Paisley Stones
If you can get hold of a half dozen river rocks then start by painting them all with an acrylic black paint. Then move onto the Paisley patterns, which by all accounts are rather easy to do!
View Tutorial Painted Paisley Stones

32. Painted Bottle Vases
DIY Painted Bottle Vases
Add some really fresh spring colors to your kitchen decor with these upcycled bottle vases. This is an awesome recycling project that will help you use up any glass bottles you have lying around your home.
View Tutorial Painted Bottle Vases

33. Light Up Headboard
DIY Light Up Headboard DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget
Here’s a great way to repurpose Christmas lights and create a statement piece for you bedroom. This tutorial is probably a bit more advanced in terms of skill level, but if you have some basic wood working skills you should be ok.
Tutorial Light Up Headboard

34. Copper Jewelry Display
Copper Jewelry
Learn how to make a stunning jewelry stand from copper pipes to help you organize and display all your jewelry. Once you get the wooden base sorted, assembling the copper pipes into the actual jewelry stand is a piece of cake – so the total project time should take under an hour.
Tutorial Copper Jewelry Display

35. Dollar Tree Faux Mirror
Dollar Tree Faux Mirror
This project cost comes in at about $60 and you can get the silver plastic plates online or your local dollar tree store. And the finished item looks amazing and will look great anywhere: living rooms, bedrooms or even your work studio!
View Tutorial Dollar Tree Faux Mirror

36. Brick Vase
Brick Vase
This is such a great little tutorial that will add some chic to any to any room.
Tutorial Brick Vase

37. How to Make Yarn Globes
How to Make Yarn Globes
Add the funk factor to any room with these super cool yarn globe lampshades.
Tutorial How to Make Yarn Globes

38. Black Gold Painted Pebbles
Black Gold Painted Pebbles
Create these stunning table centerpieces with black and gold acrylic paint. The original website is in Greek but after a quick Google translate, lo and behold, there aren’t any instructions, it really is a case of getting hold of some medium sized stones or pebbles and painting them initially in black. Let them dry then add any designs you like with the gold paint, you could probably even use some sort of stencils. The combination of black and gold is pretty sophisticated and as DIY’s go this has to got to be one of the easiest.