Stunning DIY Garden Lighting Ideas

DIY outdoor lighting ideas don’t have to be restricted to fairy lights. There are many creative and lovely ways to accent your backyard or garden with the use of lights. Many of these lighting ideas start with unusual materials, like the chandelier made from a hula hoop. Recycled materials also take center stage, with Mason jars and wine bottles stepping into the spotlight.

Back yard dinner party


magnetic wristband

More ideas…

Canopy of Fairy Lights Ribbon for Beautiful Wedding Decor


Firepit where the pool was

magnetic wristband


globe lights in the trees


amazing lights


candles in jars


candles in mini jars


Festoon lights and candles for lighting all levels


garden Lighting ideas


magnetic wristband

garden Lighting ideas

garden lights in the trees


Garden lights made from flower pots and old lamp globes with strings of white lights in the globes


lighting adds the awe to your outdoor space


Lights on the patio

magnetic wristband


Make the most of your outdoor space no matter how big or small This cosy balcony is ideal with festoon lights


old graters make excellent candle holders


Outdoor candle lit dinner


Solar powered chandelier in my garden