10 DIY Wood Pallet Projects

Wooden pallets have become so popular to DIY’ers in recent years – it’s hard to understand how we survived without them for so long. So we’ve selected some of the very best pallet projects you can use around the home or backyard area – most of which are easy to do and will cost you very little to complete.
(tutorial links are above each image)

1. Create an Urban Garden for Growing Vegetables: All you need is a little corner to grow an abundance of healthy vegetables. (Tutorial)

2. DIY Pallet Swing Bed: Spend your summer days swinging on this dreamy pallet bed...! (Tutorial)

3. Create a Living Garden Wall: Great idea for small spaces and will help to purify and humidify the air. (Tutorial)

4. Pallet Day Bed : Give your outdoor area the 5* treatment with this luxurious day bed – perfect for relaxing on those sunny afternoons! (Tutorial)

5. DIY Garden Pallet Art: Use old pallets to make a “canvas” that is both shabby chic & cheap! (Tutorial)

6. DIY Pallet Coffe Table: Paint this coffee table any pattern you like – the whole project costs less than $50! (Tutorial)

7. DIY Pallet Potting Bench : This brilliant potting bench is made using a combination of pallets and 2x4’s. (Tutorial)

8. Easy Pallet Playhouse: This house can be made using just three wooden pallets and a few basic tools and supplies. (Tutorial)

9. Pallet Planter Box: Learn how to build a portable planter & better still its really easy and costs nothing! (Tutorial)

10. Wooden Pallet Sofa : Follow this excellent tutorial and you’ll have an extremely sturdy outdoor sofa that will last for years. (Tutorial)

10 DIY Wood Pallet Projects - Click for Tutorials - Garden Pallet Furniture Ideas

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