10 DIY Garden Fence Ideas

From Picket Fences to Repurposing Old Shutters and Reclaimed Materials – check out these 10 budget beating garden fence ideas to help you define your gardens boundary and help create the perfect outdoor space.
(tutorial links are above each image)

1. The marbles in this fence will shine colored rays of light into your garden. (Tutorial) Marble fence
2. Build this easy DIY garden fence for less than $100! (Tutorial) Easy to build
3. If you can find a cheap place to buy salvaged wood - this is a great tutorial to follow. (Tutorial) Rustic garden fence
4. A wire fence, like this, is great for when you need visibility. (Tutorial) 4 Foot Wire Fence
5. This corrugated panel wall used 6’x6’ modules - subdivided into 3 smaller panels. (Tutorial) Corrugated panel fence
6. This reclaimed pallet fence of 40 foot - was built for less than $30. Watch the tut to see how. (Tutorial) Reclaimed pallet fence
7. This pallet fence would be the perfect way to punch up front your porch decor. (Tutorial) Picket fence
8. Create a gorgeous piece of outdoor art with these glass privacy panels. (Tutorial) Fashion fence
9. This is a simple, inexpensive wire fence with bamboo poles simply wired to it piece by piece. (Tutorial) Bamboo Fence
10. Follow the tutorial to learn how to repurpose any old shutters you have lying around into a funky garden fence. (Tutorial) Blue shutters garden fence