28 DIY Christmas Outdoor Decorations Ideas

From ‘Outdoor Christmas Fairy Lights’ to ‘Glitter Ball Ornaments’ and ‘Giant Christmas Ornaments’ to ‘Beer Bottle Christmas Lights’ check out these awesome ideas for adding some festive cheer to your outdoors this festive season! Some of these tutorials use the end product for indoors – but if you use battery operated Christmas lights then you can use these outdoors no problem.

1. How to Make a Sparkle Ball
How to Make a Sparkle Ball
To make this impressive sparkle ball – simply drill holes into 50 plastic cups and staple together. String your lights through the holes and hang.
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How to Make a Sparkle Ball

2. Frozen Water Balloons With Food Coloring

Frozen Water Balloons With Food Coloring
Freeze a mixture of water and food coloring in water balloons to make these cool orbs that will make your outdoors look like a magical winter wonderland.
Tutorial Frozen Water Balloons With Food Coloring

3. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Giant Paper Plate Lollipops
For a cheap and cheerful decoration – upcycle paper plates into giant lollipops. Paint Red stripes and add the plate to a wooden dowel. Finish by wrapping in plastic and tie with a festive ribbon – this is perfect for a candyland theme.
Tutorial Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

4. Joy Sign Using Plastic Bottles

Joy Sign Using Plastic Bottles
With some watercolors, bright acrylic paints, tinfoil, a hot glue gun, a ball, a fruit carving knife, and a plastic bottle and clay you can make this cheerful joy sign. Begin by gluing 3 soda bottles together and using tinfoil to model the shapes over this such as a santa hat. You’ll ten model your clay over this, wait for it to dry and paint.
Tutorial Joy Sign Using Plastic Bottles

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5. Log Reindeer

Log Reindeer
If you have logs lying around your garden – then transform them into this friendly woodland creature following the steps in the tutorial. Holes are drilled into the top log where twigs will be placed to form antlers. A bright red bow is then tied around the neck for a truly festive look.
Tutorial Log Reindeer

6. Winter Escape Welcome

Winter Escape Welcome
Create a festive porch by gathering some wood, pine cones, and place in a silver bucket whuch is then adorned with green garland and fairy lights.
Tutorial Winter Escape Welcome

7. Ceiling Hanging Sparkle Ball

Ceiling Hanging Sparkle Ball
For a really cheap and easy decoration made from LED lights and disposable cups – simply hot glue styrofoam cups together to form 2 semi globe shapes. Once completed you can add your lights inside before sticking the 2 semi globes together to form a ball and hang on the ceiling.
Tutorial Ceiling Hanging Sparkle Ball

8. Chicken Wire Christmas Balls

Chicken Wire Christmas Balls
Make this super easy balls with just a few supplies. Suppplies needed include chicken wire, small wire cutters, a measuring tape, gloves, and LED lights. Begin by rolling chicken wire into a cylinder and shape it into a sphere. Add your lights and place around the yard.
Tutorial Chicken Wire Christmas Balls

9. Giant Christmas Ornaments

Giant Christmas Ornaments
Transform your porch with large plastic balls turned into oversized ornaments by gluing a wire coat hanger to a deli container which is then spray painted silver and glued to the top of the ball!
Tutorial Giant Christmas Ornaments

10. DIY Pallet Christmas Tree with LED Lights

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree with LED Lights
Reuse an old pallet to make this outdoor tree by sawing the pallet into a triangular tree shape. Paint it green and add outdoor lights. This is sure to bring a welcome glow to your yard.
Tutorial DIY Pallet Christmas Tree with LED Lights

11. How to make sparkle star

How to make sparkle star
To make this star you’ll make thin paper tubes by rolling newspaper which is then painted green. Form a star shape from the tubes and affix with glue. Keep weaving more tubes around the star to get the desired effect. Now you can add fairy lights and hang on the wall.
Tutorial How to make sparkle star

12. Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp

Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp
This awesome lamp is made with 100 LED fairy lights, plenty of ping pong balls and a round lid which helps guide the ping pong balls into position. Begin by drilling holes into the balls. You will then glue several balls together to form a ring and repeat until you have the cylindrical shape of your lamp. Now put the fairy lights into each hole and your lamp is ready.
Tutorial Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp

13. String Art Glitter Ball Ornaments

String Art Glitter Ball Ornaments
Bring the glistening look of snow to your tree with these easy to make ornaments. Begin by wrapping some yarn and mod podge around an inflated balloon and sprinkle glitter over it. Once dry you pop the balloon inside to reveal your ornamnet. You can make these in as many different colors as you like – just change the color of the yarn!
Tutorial String Art Glitter Ball Ornaments

14. Beer Bottle Christmas Lights

Beer Bottle Christmas Lights
Upcycle beer bottles into a very cute lighting idea with used beer bottles and some fairy lights! Place some fairy lights in each beer bottle until full and repeat. Once completed you can place them around your outdoors to show off your beautiful home.
Tutorial Beer Bottle Christmas Lights

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15. Bucket of Snowballs

Bucket of Snowballs
If you’re tired of snowballs melting – then make your own invincible ones from styrofoam balls wrapped in white cotton fabric. When you’ve made enough for a silver bucket then wrap your bucket with some burlap to add a rustic effect which will look beautiful on your porch.
Tutorial Bucket of Snowballs

16. Globed Christmas Lights

Globed Christmas Lights
Make magic from wire baskets with the use of small zip ties, a can of silver spray paint, fairy lights and some pliers which aid in turning the wire baskest into this incredibly pretty fairy lit globe.
Tutorial Globed Christmas Lights

17. Lit Twig Globe

Lit Twig Globe
This enchanting globe is made by unravelling a grapevine wreath and forming it into the round globular shape and add your fairy lights.
Tutorial Lit Twig Globe

18. Make a DIY Pallet Tree

Make a DIY Pallet Tree
Repurpose your scrap wood into a delightful and minimal decoration for outdoors with this tree idea. Each of the ‘branches’ are nailed to a plank and baubles are then hung from it. Finish by making a star from twigs to adorn the top of the tree.
Tutorial Make a DIY Pallet Tree

19. Make an Outdoor Wreath With Old Skates

Make an Outdoor Wreath With Old Skates
Bring new life to a pair of old ice skates with this wonderfully creative wreath idea. Attach them to a wooden sled and form a wreath around them with fir and pinecones which is beautifully finished with a gorgeous golden bow.
Tutorial Make an Outdoor Wreath With Old Skates

20. Make Your Own Ice Lanterns

Make Your Own Ice Lanterns
With just five supplies which include different shaped plastic containers, plastic cups, a weight for the cups, water and food coloring you can make this whimsical ice lanterns that are sire to make you the envy of the neighborhood.
Tutorial Make Your Own Ice Lanterns

21. Make Your Own Outdoor Starry Lights

Make Your Own Outdoor Starry Lights
Turn fairy lights into twinkling stars with glittery card stock which is cut into star shapes to put over the lights.
Tutorial Make Your Own Outdoor Starry Lights

22. Ornament Wreath

Ornament Wreath
Bring some festive cheer to your door with this stunning santa wreath. Take a styrofoam wreath as the base and add plenty of shiny red baubles. Finish with a santa belt made from black felt and a shiny gold buckle.
Tutorial Ornament Wreath