25+ Christmas Table Decorations & Place Settings

If you’re having a big get together with family and friends this holiday season then get inspired with this ultimate guide for the best Christmas table decorations and dazzling centerpieces. From ‘Pine Cone Name Holders’ to ‘Icicle Branches’ and ‘Mason Jar Luminaries’ to ‘Rustic Wood Candle Holders’ all the tutorials are really easy to follow and most of the supplies can be bought for a few dollars. We’ve also added a few inexpensive Christmas table decorations you can buy online.

1. Name Card Holders from Pine Cones

Name Card Holders from Pine Cones
For a cheap and cheerful place holder gather some pine cones from your backyard and make name cards on card to attach to them.
Tutorial Name Card Holders from Pine Cones

Pine Cones


2. DIY Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards

DIY Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards
For each mini wreath you’ll need cranberries, wire and tree trimmings. String 10 cranberries onto the wire and add your trimmings.
Tutorial DIY Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards


3. DIY Icicle Branches

DIY Icicle Branches
Frost your table with these beautiful icicle branches you’ll need branches, white sand and led branches which will really set the arrangement off.
Tutorial DIY Icicle Branches


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4. DIY Rustic Wood Candle Holders

DIY Rustic Wood Candle Holders
Upcycle logs and turn them into these charming candle holders with a drill and some burlap trim to place around the center. You can make them in different heights to add drama to the table.
Tutorial DIY Rustic Wood Candle Holders


5. Gold Sequins Table Cloth

Gold Sequins Table Cloth
Buy on Amazon Gold Sequins Table Cloth


6. Holiday Mason Jar Luminaries

Holiday Mason Jar Luminaries
Turn old jars into festive luminaries with gold spray paint, winter silhouettes, and a sharpie marker. Add a tealight and you’re good to go.
Tutorial Holiday Mason Jar Luminaries


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7. Hula Hoop Christmas Chandelier

Hula Hoop Christmas Chandelier
You can make this cheerful chandelier very cheaply with a hula hoop, baubles and garland that’s wrapped around the hoop.
Tutorial Hula Hoop Christmas Chandelier


8. Birch Log Fire Light

Birch Log Fire Light
Using a power drill with 1 1/2″ bit, drill 3 holes into logs to make these beautiful tealight holders for your table – perfect for a winter wonderland theme.
Tutorial Birch Log Fire Light


9. DIY Birch Wood Centerpiece

DIY Birch Wood Centerpiece
To make a lovely winter scene for your table, cut birch branches into different heights and place mini trees and candles on them. Just add plates and a delicious dinner.
Tutorial DIY Birch Wood Centerpiece


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10. DIY Christmas Ornament Tree

DIY Christmas Ornament Tree
IF you like the look of a modern festive table – then make this ornament using a knitting needles and shiny baubles.
Tutorial DIY Christmas Ornament Tree


11. DIY Linen Napkins

DIY Linen Napkins
Stylish napkins are a must for holiday celebrations and these couldn’t be easier to make with a length of linen.
Tutorial DIY Linen Napkins


12. Festive Birch Log Candle Pillars

Festive Birch Log Candle Pillars
Add a touch of glam to birch log stumps with silver foil and silver foil adhesive. This will really turn pillar candles into an impressive centerpiece.
Tutorial Festive Birch Log Candle Pillars


13. Gold Pine Cone Place Card Holders

Gold Pine Cone Place Card Holders
Turn pine cones into luxury place holders by spray painting them gold. If you have time make extra to add to a bowl for decoration.
Tutorial Gold Pine Cone Place Card Holders


14. Handmade Shell Candles

Handmade Shell Candles
For a nautical themed table , make these shell candles with shells pre waxed wicks and wax pellets. If you don’t live near the ocean you can purchase the shells online or take a much needed trip to the beach.
Tutorial Handmade Shell Candles


15. Rustic Centerpiece

Rustic Centerpiece
Fill a box with florists foam, candles and pine cones to make a delightful but easy centerpiece.
Tutorial Rustic Centerpiece


16. Magazine Christmas Trees

Magazine Christmas Trees
Recycle old magazines by making these very clever and modern looking mini Christmas trees,
Tutorial Magazine Christmas Trees


17. Mason Jar Christmas Luminaries

Mason Jar Christmas Luminaries
It only takes five minutes to make these winter ready luminaries using mason jars, white paint and battery operated tealights.
Tutorial Mason Jar Christmas Luminaries


18. Organic Tablescape

Organic Tablescape
Fresh pine cones are arranged in a glass jar with tiny ornaments to create this delicate tablescape for your holiday dinner.
Tutorial Organic Tablescape


19. Painted Leaf Napkin Rings

Painted Leaf Napkin Rings
Paint leaves in gold and glue to a clothespin to make these luxe looking napkin rings – you can also attach some card to turn them into place holders.
Tutorial Painted Leaf Napkin Rings


20. Rudolph Inspired Toy Figurines

Rudolph Inspired Toy Figurines
Spray paint animal figurines in white and you are left with beautiful winter wonderland creatures to adorn your table with.
Tutorial Rudolph Inspired Toy Figurines


21. Scandinavian Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

Scandinavian Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree
Jenga fans will love making this Scandinavian Tree which almost looks like the game. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to make your own.
Tutorial Scandinavian Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree


22. Simple Wine Cork Trees

Simple Wine Cork Trees
Wine corks always come in handy for winter crafting. You’ll drill holes into the corks and add pine branches from garland to make these mini trees.
Tutorial Simple Wine Cork Trees


23. Table Top Tinsel Tree

Table Top Tinsel Tree
For a cheap and simple table top tree – add tinsel to a styrofoam cone with glue. You can also add any other embellishments you want.
Tutorial Table Top Tinsel Tree


24. Bauble Tree

Bauble Tree
Embellish a styrofoam cone with many baubles and strands of pearls to make a festive tree.
Tutorial Bauble Tree


25. Noel Centerpiece

Noel Centerpiece
Stick the letters N,O,E and L to four different mason jars and spray paint with glitter to recreate this cheerful centerpiece.
Tutorial Noel Centerpiece


26. Holiday Tray

Holiday Tray
You’ll need a deep tray, holiday figurines, pine cones, candles and a wreath to make this gorgeous Christmas Tray.
Tutorial Holiday Tray