Cutest Baby Shower Duck Theme Ideas

Below are some extra-cute ducky decorating ideas to help you plan the cutest baby shower ever! You will find tons of ideas for hosting a cute ducky-themed baby shower! They will inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. The Duck Theme goes hand in hand with bath time which makes decorating even more fun.

Rubber ducky centerpieces

Source: TheTayraPerezProject

magnetic wristband


More ideas…

Adorable rubber ducky cupcakes with blue frosting


magnetic wristband

Baby shower with duck theme


DIY Rubber Ducky Centerpieces


Duck balloon centerpieces


Duck guest book


Ducks made from yellow candy melts and mold


Ducks on blue and white baubles set on candle sticks


Rub a dub dub a new baby to love

magnetic wristband


Rubber duck favor with blue mesh loofah


rubber duck n flowers centerpiece


Rubber duck on blue mms


Rubber ducks in a glass

magnetic wristband


rubber ducks in a glass bowl with blue beads


Rubber ducks in cheap cases from the dollar store and added aqua gems to look like rubber ducks in a bubble bath


Rubber ducky bubble bath using clear plastic iridescent ornaments and the iridescent filler you use in Easter baskets


Rubber ducky party favors Make my own soap


Simple Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Theme