Rubber Duck Mason Jar Decor k

Rubber Duck Centerpieces for Baby Shower

If you need some awesome decorations for your upcoming baby shower then why not put together these rubber duck centerpieces. All you need are...
colorful balloons for baby shower k

Awesome Balloon Decorations for Baby Shower

Tutorial Balloon Garland | Buy on Amazon $21.99
Blue tup filled with diapers and rubber ducks

How to Make a Diaper Gift Basket for a Baby Shower

This is an adorable baby shower gift that any new mother will absolutely adore. Supplies you'll need: Large Tub, diapers, rubber duck, baby face...
DIY Floral Letters

DIY Floral Letters for Baby Shower Decorations

Floral letters are an awesome way to announce the name of your baby to all your friends and relatives and make a really great...
Pink Arrangement 3k

How to Create a Beautiful Balloon Arch

Balloon arches make an awesome showstopper of a decoration for anything special like a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding anniversary or special birthday event...
Teddy bear with blue a b c blocks

Baby Block Centerpieces for Boys Baby Shower

Learn how to make some awesome baby blocks for your baby shower centerpiece. The ones in the photo below are quite small and you...
Baby blocks for baby shower k

Easy Baby Shower Decor Ideas for Girls

Tutorial Baby Shower Decor Ideas | Buy on Amazon $12.89
Pink Block letters for baby shower 1k

DIY Baby Shower Block Letters

Here's an awesome tutorial for letter blocks that you can use for a baby shower or birthday party! So you'll need to get 14"...
Lighthouse diaper cake with stripes and anchors

How to Make a Lighthouse Diaper Cake

Learn how to make an adorable lighthouse diaper cake for a boys nautical themed baby shower! You'll start off with 12", 8" and...
Rubber ducky theme k

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Learn how to make an awesome rubber duck in a bath centerpiece for your little darlings baby shower! For the supplies you'll need: A...
Christmas spread 3k

How to Make a Grazing Table for a Baby Shower

When you’re a hostess, you’re always eager to impress your guests. From the home décor to the food, everything should be perfect! But hosting...
Blue romper suit with bow tie

Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

You’ve announced your pregnancy, you’ve scheduled your baby bump photo shoot, and you’ve finished your nursery decor. Now it’s time for your baby shower!...
Clothes Peg Christmas Tree 14k

Christmas Clothespin Snowflake Star

Learn how to make this awesome Christmas star just using , and embellishments. The below clothespin Christmas tree tutorial is no longer...
Easter themed sock baskets great for spring showers

DIY Sock Bouquet for Baby Shower

This is an amazing gift for a baby shower or for the first Mothers Day for a friend or family member! And seriously, is...
egg prams 2k

Baby Shower Appetizer Ideas for Boys

Learn how to make some really delicious appetizers for your upcoming baby shower! The below "babies in blankets" are really simple to make...
Flower for headband 9k

How to Make a No Sew Tulle Flower for Headband

Your little one will look a sweetheart in a DIY No Sew Tulle Headband. And if you've already bought some, once you realize how...