Winter Crafts for Toddlers

5 Winter Crafts for Toddlers

When the chilly winter months roll in, bringing with them an icy tapestry of frost and snow, there’s nothing quite like spending some cozy time indoors with your little ones.

Among the myriad indoor activities, DIY winter crafts bring a unique blend of fun, learning, and creativity to the table, especially for toddlers who are just starting to explore the wonders of the world with their budding senses.

Through the simple act of creating something with their own tiny hands, toddlers can develop a host of fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Additionally, winter crafts can open up great opportunities for parents to engage with their children, creating lasting memories and strengthening bonds.

In this article, we delve into 5 winter-themed crafts specifically designed for toddlers to enjoy and learn from.

From making a mini winter wonderland with Paper Plate Snow Globes to cute Cotton Ball Snowmen, we’ll explore some easy yet delightful craft ideas that will not only help pass the long winter days but also leave your toddlers beaming with the pride of creation.

Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or educator, these crafting activities are sure to add a splash of color and joy to the frosty season!

Now, let’s unwrap each of these winter crafts and see how you can turn a simple afternoon into a winter adventure of crafting with your toddler.

Paper Plate Snow Globe

The magic of watching snowflakes gently fall in a snow globe is something many of us cherish from our childhoods.

With a paper plate snow globe, toddlers can capture this magic in an easy and inventive way.

Materials Needed

· Paper plates

· Clear plastic plates or transparent sheet

· Glue

· Glitter and confetti

· Pictures or stickers with winter themes

· Blue and white paint

· Paintbrushes

· Additional decorative elements (e.g., ribbon)

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Begin by painting one side of the paper plate in a wintry shade of blue.

Let it dry completely.

2. Once dry, encourage your toddler to sprinkle some white paint over the blue to represent falling snow.

This can be done using a paintbrush or their fingers for an extra sensory experience.

3. Take the clear plastic plate or transparent sheet and let your child stick on pictures or stickers of winter creatures and characters.

4. Apply glue to the rim of the blue-painted paper plate and carefully place the decorated clear plate on top, pressing down to secure it.

5. Along the edge, if desired, tie a ribbon or glue additional decorations to transform the plate into a globe.

Tips for Customization

For a personal touch, use a photo of your toddler in winter apparel to place inside the globe.

You can also cut out snowflake shapes and have your toddler decorate them to include in their fantasy snow world.

Benefits of making a paper plate snow globe

Creating a paper plate snow globe is not only about making a decorative item, it’s about sensory stimulation and understanding the concept of 3D art.

This craft also helps infants grasp the idea of a miniature scene, enhancing their creative thinking and imaginative skills.

Cotton Ball Snowman

Building an actual snowman might not be an option for everyone, but this cotton ball craft brings the joy of snowman-making indoors, without any need for mittens!

Materials Needed

· Construction paper or cardstock

· Cotton balls

· Glue

· Markers or paint

· Fabric scraps or colored paper for accessories

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Start with a piece of construction paper as the backdrop for your snowman.

2. Draw three circles on the paper to outline a classic snowman shape or let your toddler do this if they’re feeling confident.

3. Apply glue within the drawn circles and have your toddler place cotton balls on the glue to fill in the snowman’s body.

It’s a great tactile experience!

4. Use markers or paint for facial features and buttons.

Small pieces of fabric or colored paper can be glued on for a hat and scarf.

Tips for Customization

Let your toddler get creative with their snowman’s attire! Perhaps a superhero cape made from an old t-shirt, or a crown from shiny foil.

The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to your child’s interests.

Benefits of making a cotton ball snowman

This craft activity is excellent for refining fine motor skills as picking up and placing small cotton balls requires dexterity.

It also stimulates creativity and gives a sense of accomplishment when the snowman comes to life.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Transform ordinary popsicle sticks into glittering, frosty snowflakes! This simple craft can become a cherished decoration that adds a sparkling touch to any room.

Materials Needed

· Popsicle sticks

· Glue

· Glitter and sequins

· Paint and paintbrushes

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Paint the popsicle sticks white or a pale blue and let them dry.

This might take a little while, so patience is key!

2. Once dry, arrange and glue the sticks to form a snowflake shape.

You might need to help with this step to ensure the structure is stable.

3. After the glue has been set, invite your child to decorate the snowflake with glue and then sprinkle glitter over the wet glue for a shimmering effect.

4. Add sequins or other shiny baubles to give the snowflake extra dimension and sparkle.

Tips for Customization

Each snowflake in nature is unique, so encourage your toddler to experiment with different colors and arrangements to make each snowflake their special creation.

Benefits of making popsicle stick snowflakes

This craft focuses on symmetry and pattern recognition – important aspects of the developing mathematical mind.

Moreover, the process of decorating allows toddlers to refine their fine motor skills and explore their artistic side.

Handprint Penguin Craft

With just a little paint and paper, toddlers can transform their handprint into an adorable penguin, capturing a precious moment in time with a personal touch.

Materials Needed

· Black and orange paint

· White paper

· Googly eyes

· Glue

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Coat your toddler’s palm and fingers (excluding the thumb) with black paint, and then gently press it onto white paper to form the penguin’s body.

2. Once the black paint dries, use white paint to add a belly to the penguin.

3. Glue on googly eyes and use orange paint or paper to add a beak and feet to your penguin.

Tips for Customization

Make a whole penguin family by creating handprints for each family member, or craft a snowy scene for the penguin with additional paint and paper elements.

Benefits of making a handprint penguin craft

The process of the handprint craft is a wonderful sensory experience and a fun way for toddlers to learn about shapes and body parts.

It also creates a keepsake that holds sentimental value as it showcases their tiny handprint.

Tissue Paper Winter Tree

Watch your child’s face light up as they scrunch, glue, and create a three-dimensional winter tree using colorful bits of tissue paper.

Materials Needed

· Brown paper or cardstock for the trunk

· Tissue paper in white, blue, and other wintry colors

· Glue

· Construction paper as a base

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Cut a trunk shape from the brown paper and affix it to the construction paper base.

2. Have your child tear pieces of tissue paper and crumple them into small balls – great for developing dexterity.

3. Using glue, stick the crumpled tissue paper onto the top of the trunk to represent fluffy clumps of snow and ice.

Tips for Customization

Add a bit of glitter to the tissue paper balls for an icy sparkle, or use a variety of colored tissue paper to suggest different wintry elements, like snow-covered leaves or berries.

Benefits of making a tissue paper winter tree

This craft helps toddlers develop fine motor control and teaches them about textures and layering.

It’s also a great activity for exploring concepts like seasons and the natural changes that occur in winter.


So there you have it, 5 winter crafts for toddlers, each with a unique flair and a host of developmental benefits.

Crafting is not only about the end product but the journey of creation itself.

These winter-themed crafts offer a platform for toddlers to practice fine motor skills, explore creativity, and most importantly, enjoy some quality time with you.

These activities can provide a source of pride and accomplishment for your little ones as they marvel at what they can create with their own two hands.

So why not take the opportunity this winter to try out these ideas? You and your toddler might just discover a new favorite pastime, creating precious memories that are as timeless as they are warm – a perfect antidote to cold winter days.