Craft Projects Using Repurposed Denim Jeans

5 Craft Projects Using Repurposed Denim Jeans

Denim jeans – they’re a staple in almost every wardrobe, but what do you do when they’re past their prime? Instead of tossing them out, repurposing denim jeans into craft projects is a fun and eco-friendly way to breathe new life into this durable and versatile fabric. Upcycling denim not only helps reduce waste but also gives you a chance to flex your creative muscles.

Plus, the results can be both stylish and useful.

In this article, I’ll walk you through five crafty projects that transform those old jeans into new treasures.

From a fashionable tote bag to a chic apron or even cozy home decor like coasters, this guide is perfect for anyone looking to tackle some DIY projects using repurposed denim jeans.

So grab that pair you’ve never gotten around to repairing, and let’s turn them into something extraordinary!

5 Craft Projects Using Repurposed Denim Jeans

DIY Denim Jeans Tote Bag

Overview of the project

The classic denim tote bag is not only practical but can also be a fashion statement.

With the sturdy fabric of jeans, you can create a bag that’s perfect for everyday use.

Materials needed

Before you start, gather these materials:

· A pair of old denim jeans

· Scissors

· Sewing machine or needle and thread

· Fabric for lining (optional)

· Straps (recycled from an old bag or made from denim or other fabric)

· Pins

· Measuring tape

Step-by-step instructions

1. Cut off the jeans’ legs just below the crotch to use as the bag’s body.

2. Trim the edges to create an even rectangle shape.

3. Turn the inside out and sew the bottom edge shut.

4. From the leg fabric, cut two strips for handles, or use the waistband or an old belt.

5. Attach the straps to the inside of the bag’s opening by sewing them in place.

6. Add a lining if desired by sewing a fabric of your choice inside the denim shell.

7. Sew on any additional pockets or closures as needed.

Tips for making the most of your DIY denim jeans tote bag

For a unique touch, experiment with different parts of the jeans like pockets, seams, or belt loops to add character.

Sewing multiple layers of denim may require heavy-duty needles, so be prepared to swap in a stronger needle if your standard one breaks.

Variations and customization options

This tote bag can be customized to your liking. Add fabric appliquesembroidery, or patches for a personalized touch.

You could also bleach or dye the denim for different color effects.

DIY Denim Jeans Apron

Overview of the project

An apron made from denim jeans is both durable and stylish, perfect for gardening, crafting, or cooking.

Materials needed

You’ll need:

· Denim jeans

· Scissors

· Sewing machine or needle and thread

· Fabric for pockets and straps (optional)

· Pins

· Measuring tape

Step-by-step instructions

1. Cut one side of the jeans fully down the leg.

2. Lay the jeans flat and cut in a diagonal line starting from one leg across to the high thigh of the other, creating an apron shape.

3. Hem the edges to prevent fraying.

4. Use the remaining denim fabric or another fabric for the apron ties.

5. Sew on ties and pockets, using the seams or pockets from the jeans themselves if desired.

Tips for making the most of your DIY denim jeans apron

Select a pair of jeans that aren’t too worn out for a sturdier apron.

To ensure comfort, make the neck strap adjustable, and for convenience, add extra pockets for tools or utensils.

Variations and customization options

Play with the length and style of the apron.

Leave the edges raw for a rugged look, or add colorful fabric as a border for a more vibrant design.

You can even sew in padding to create knee pads for gardening.

DIY Denim Jeans Coasters

Overview of the project

Transforming jeans into denim coasters is a fun way to upcycle small pieces and protect your tables from drink stains with a rustic flair.

Materials needed

For this simple craft, collect:

· Denim fabric from old jeans

· Scissors

· Sewing machine or needle and thread

· Cardboard or another stiff fabric for structure

· Fabric glue (optional)

Step-by-step instructions

1. Cut squares from your denim about 4×4 inches or your desired size.

2. Cut a matching square from the cardboard or stiff fabric.

3. Place the cardboard between two denim squares and sew around the edges, leaving a small gap.

4. Turn the coaster right side out and then sew shut the gap.

5. Stitch around the border again for a neat finish.

Tips for making the most of your DIY denim jeans coasters

Use various shades of denim for a playful mix-and-match set.

Ensure your stitches are tight and close to the edge to prevent the material from bunching or warping.

Variations and customization options

Rather than squares, consider cutting your coasters in circle shapes.

Sew on additional decorations like beads, buttons, or embroidered designs for a custom look.

If sewing isn’t your thing, fabric glue can be a no-sew alternative.

DIY Denim Jeans Wall Organizer

Overview of the project

A wall organizer made from denim jeans is not only practical but adds a casual, cool touch to your decor.

It’s perfect for storing art supplies, kitchen utensils, or even bathroom essentials.

Materials needed

For this project, you will need:

· A pair of denim jeans

· Scissors

· Sewing machine or needle and thread

· Wooden dowel or hanger

· Pins

· Measuring tape

Step-by-step instructions

1. Cut the pant legs into large sections to serve as the organizer’s pockets.

2. Trim the pockets to create even, rectangular shapes.

3. Arrange the pockets on a backing fabric, which can be a larger piece of denim from the jeans or a contrasting material.

4. Sew the pockets onto the backing, making sure to only sew along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.

5. Add a hem at the top of the backing fabric for the dowel or hanger.

6. Insert the dowel or hanger through the hem.

7. Attach hooks or a cord to the dowel for hanging the organizer on the wall.

Tips for making the most of your DIY denim jeans wall organizer

Reinforce the stitching on pockets that will carry heavier items for increased durability.

Customize pocket sizes based on what you will be stored for maximum functionality.

Variations and customization options

Consider using the seams and edges of the jeans for a decorative effect on the tops of the pockets. Mix and match different jean washes for a patchwork look, or add labels to the pockets for easy identification of contents.

DIY Denim Jeans Planters

Overview of the project

Creating planters from old jeans is a whimsical way to introduce denim into your garden or home plant display.

They are sure to draw attention and can be a conversation starter.

Materials needed

Here’s what you’ll need:

· Denim jeans legs

· Scissors

· Sewing machine or needle and thread

· Potting soil and plants

· Plastic lining (to protect the denim from moisture)

· Pins

Step-by-step instructions

1. Cut the legs off the jeans to your desired planter height.

2. Turn the leg inside out and sew one end closed to create the bottom of the planter.

3. Place the plastic lining inside the pant leg to protect the denim from water and soil.

4. Turn it right side out and add potting soil.

5. Insert the plant into the planter, making sure it’s in its container or the pant leg is well lined to prevent soil from escaping and moisture from ruining the fabric.

6. Roll the top of the jeans leg down to create a cuff and present a polished look.

Tips for making the most of your DIY denim jeans planters

Make sure your plastic lining has no leaks to protect the denim and your floors.

Remember that these aren’t suitable for outdoor use where they would be exposed to the elements, as regular denim isn’t weatherproof.

Variations and customization options

To add more personality to your planters, paint the denim with fabric paints or dyes.

You can also sew on embellishments like buttons, lace, or fabric flowers.


Repurposing denim jeans is not only an eco-friendly way to deal with old clothing, but it’s also an opportunity to create some unique, handcrafted items.

Whether you’re sewing up a sturdy tote bag, piecing together a trendy apron, or folding and filling creative planters, the potential for denim crafts is virtually endless.

The best part of these DIY projects is that they’re cost-effective and allow for a deep level of personalization.

Take pride in knowing that each item you fashion from your retired denim has a story, a previous life now remade into something new, purposeful, and often quite chic.

Whether you already have a pile of old jeans waiting for a makeover or you’re now inspired to hold onto your next pair due for retirement, I hope this article ignites your creative spirit.

So grab your denim, some basic tools, and a sprinkle of imagination – it’s time to create some denim magic!