Cheese Platter for Christmas Party

The perfect addition to any winter holiday party is a cheese board. Full of fruits, meats, cheeses, nuts, and olives, it is perfect for satisfying all your guests at the same time! Build one with my Cheese Board Tutorial! A cheese board is the perfect party food and if you feel like arguing with me about it, let me explain myself. Your friend is having a party. You are obliged to ask “What can I bring?” even though you don’t have anything to bring, don’t want to cook, and whatever they say will require you to go to the store. When you respond with “anything specific?” they just say “whatever” or “an appetizer.” That doesn’t help in any way shape or form. Like I tell my hubby, there isn’t a recipe for “whatever!” If you really want to take a cheese board and don’t know how to make one read this cheese board tutorial for some tips and some pictures of cheese boards.

Cheese platter with star

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Cheese platter

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Christmas tree cheese platter