How To Keep Glasses From Fogging Up With a Mask

How To Keep Glasses From Fogging Up With a Mask?

It’s been a well over a year since we got into the habit of wearing a face mask on the street as a must to not put ourselves or others at risk.

Although, it is difficult to get used to it in a normal way, those who have a really hard time are the people who wear glasses and mask at the same time.

That’s because breathing can make the glasses fog up and hinder us from seeing.

In this article, I’ll share with you tips and tricks to keep glasses from fogging up with a mask.

Masks And Foggy Glasses Problem

Shopping in your hands, at the door of your home, and trying to find the keys while you have all your glasses fogged up, can you relate?

I can also guess that you have tried a thousand and one ways to keep your glasses from fogging over and over again, without having found the ideal solution to this huge problem.

And above all, I can bet that you are worried about your eyes’ health since the constant wetting of the area can cause multiple bacteria to do their thing.

We have to consider that many of the secret formulas to keep your glasses from fogging up that we see on the internet, can seriously damage your glasses or are simply not useful.

Here I’ll share with you a few proven techniques to finally stop your glasses from fogging up with mask.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

5 Ways To Keep Glasses From Fogging Up With a Mask

The Soap Hack

Stop Glasses From Fogging Up With a Mask

This is one of the homemade hacks that are popular among people with the mask and foggy glasses issue.

To do it properly you’ll need a bar of soap that is completely dry (Try to use a neutral soap). You’ll pass it gently through your glasses.

After this, you’ll rub the glasses with a dry cloth and you will see how the soap creates a kind of layer that does not allow moisture to accumulate on the glasses. 

Cross The Rubber of The Mask

Stop Glasses Fog With Mask Hack

I’ve consulted some professionals who need to wear masks for their work practices, and confirmed that the only way to prevent air from being stored in the eye area is to block the inlet that lets it out upwards only.

To do this we will need to get it out of the corners of the mask. But, how can we achieve this?

Well, by arranging it in a specific way, the best technique is to cross the rubber bands that we put on our ears to make them thicker and more adjusted to our chin.

This will make small holes in the side of our cheeks and the air will come out of there.

Although, this also depends on the shape of face and the strength in which we bend the rubber bands. 

Using Adhesive Bandages

Stop Glasses From Fogging

This is one of the most used techniques nowadays to stop glasses from fogging up with a mask, and you will only need adhesive tape or a simple band-aid.

To do this, you’ll need to apply the band-aid on the top of your nose or where you feel the air escaping. 

Although, it is not very comfortable when you need to wear the mask for a short time, it does not decrease its effectiveness and speed.

Using a Tissue Made of Paper

Glasses With Masks

For this, you’ll need an unused tissue, fold it slightly, and put it on the inside of the mask, exactly in the area where it fits the septum.

This will make the tissue absorb the humid air that is the main cause of foggy glasses.

You can also help yourself with a band-aid to ensure that the technique is effective.

Place The Mask Over The Lower Part of Your Glasses

Prevent Your Glasses From Clouding Up

If none of the above techniques have worked for you so far, you can try placing the mask underneath your glasses and stick it to your skin with the same pressure as the glasses.

Depending on the shape of your nose, this can be a very effective technique. It may distort the focus of vision a bit, but it will prevent your glasses from clouding up. 

Extra Tips To Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up With Masks

1. When buying your glasses, make sure the frame you are going to wear is not so close to your face, besides this, make sure you use them in the right way.

2. Frequent glasses cleaning can be super beneficial, but without exaggerating with specific products as they can damage the glass.

3. You can apply a layer of anti-fogging spray for eyeglasses. Check out our recommendation here.

Fake Hacks That Can Easily Damage Your Glasses

Fake Hacks That Can Easily Damage Your Glasses

There are many myths on internet about how to prevent glasses from fogging with mask that might do more harm than good, here are a few of them to avoid:

  • Using Direct Heat On The Glasses: This will simply weaken the glass and also could cause more damage to the frame.
  • Cleaning The Glasses With Potato Skin: Although it might seem to do a great job, it constantly damages the glass.