15 Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes to Lose Weight

Green smoothies are one of the best gifts nature has to offer for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. We’ve put together 15 amazing recipes so start by making one today – and try to have one each day for a whole week – you’ll soon be feeling lighter, healthier and have far more energy!
(tutorial links are above each image)

1. Pineapple & Chia | Recipe

2. Kale & Cucumber |Recipe

3. Tropical Green |Recipe

4. Spinach Smoothie |Recipe

5. Banana & Spinach |Recipe

6. Turmeric, and Mango |Recipe

7. Power Breakfast |Recipe

8. Peach Green Tea |Recipe

9. Mango and Kale |Recipe

10. Power Smoothie |Recipe

11. Lime & Mint |Recipe

12. Low Carb |Recipe

13. Matcha Green Tea |Recipe

14. Protein Smoothie |Recipe

15. Anti-Cellulite |Recipe