30+ Smoothie Recipes for Optimum Health

Smoothies are one of the best gifts nature has to offer for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. We’ve put together 30+ amazing recipes so start by making one today – and try to have one each day for a whole week – you’ll soon be feeling lighter, healthier and have far more energy!

View Recipe Blueberry + Avocado Fat Burning Smoothie RecipeBlueberry + Avocado Fat Burning Smoothie Recipe

View Recipe Anti Inflammatory Smoothie with KaleAnti Inflammatory Smoothie

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View Recipe Apple, Kiwi and Banana SmoothieApple Kiwi and Banana Smoothie

View Recipe Banana and Mango SmoothieBanana and Mango

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View Recipe Banana, Kale and Mango SmoothieBanana Kale and Mango

View Recipe Coconut Ice CubesCoconut Milk Ice Blocks

View Recipe Coconut and Banana SmoothieCoconut Smoothie

Energy Smoothies – View Recipes BelowEnergy juices

Flat Belly Smoothie with Kale – Recipe BelowFlat Belly Smoothie

Anti Inflammatory Smoothie – Recipe BelowFrozen Strawberries and Nettle

Healthy Skin Smoothie – Recipe BelowGinger and Carrots

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Flat Stomach 3 Spinach Leaves, 1 Cucumber, 5 Celery Stalks, 3 Swiss Chard Leaves, 2 lemonsGreen Smoothie for Abdomen

View RecipeApple and Oats SmoothieApple and Oats Smoothie

View Recipe Moisturize Your Skin SmoothieHidrata tu piel

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View Recipe How to Make a Juice with Banana, Strawberries and Pear for AnxietyHoney and Pear Smoothie

Iced Coffee Protein Shake – Recipe BelowIced Coffee Protein Shake

Jiffy Java – Recipe BelowJiffy Jafa

Mango and Passion Fruit Smoothie – Recipe BelowMango and Passion Fruit Smoothie

Mocha Smoothie – Recipe BelowMocha Smoothie breakfast shake coffee in one

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View Recipe Super Hydrating Juice for Great SkinSuper Hydrating Juice for Great Skin

Pineapple and Fresh OJ – Recipe BelowPineapple and Fresh OJ

Pineapple, Orange and StrawberriesPineapple Orange and Strawberries

Protein Shakes – Recipes BelowProtein Shake Recipes

Quick Smoothies – Recipes BelowQuick smoothie recipes

Smoothie and Food for After ExerciseSmoothie and Food for After Exercise

Strawberry, Aloe Vera, Pineapple and Banana Smoothie – Recipe BelowStrawberry aloe vera pineapple banana smoothie

Strawberry and Leafy Greens – Recipe BelowStrawberry and Leafy Greens

Strawberry, Banana and Oats Smoothie – Recipe BelowStrawberry Banana and Oats Smoothie

Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie – Recipe BelowStrawberry Oatmeal Smoothie

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Strawberry, Banana and Mango – Recipe BelowStrawberry Banana and Mango

Smoothies for Detox, Energy and MetabolismSmoothie Recipes