55+ Easy Wedding Decorations on a Budget

From ‘gold branch centerpieces’ to ’tissue pom poms’ and ‘bark heart lanterns’ to ‘wedding dress centerpieces’ check out these super chic DIY wedding decorations that will save you a tonne of cash.

1. Bohemian Wedding Arch

Bohemian Wedding Arch
This bohemian wedding arch actually costs about $300 and is quite an easy project considering how beautiful it looks. Once you get your posts in place (try to make sure theyre at least six and a half feet high) you can start attaching your fabric but it needs to be done with an element of artistic judgement, putting complimentary colors next to each other to set your palettes and tones. You can then add all your pom poms, lace trimmings, balloons etc.
Tutorial Bohemian Wedding Arch

2. Bark Heart Lanterns

Bark Heart Lanterns
Bark lanterns are a stunningly romantic decoration that will offer a warm ambience for any wedding décor, especially for outdoor settings.
Working with natural materials is a great way to get in touch with nature and it’s also a really cheap way to create these beautiful decorations. The best bark to use is from a Sycamore tree then wrap it round a jar and use twine to hold it in place. Then light the candle and after a few hours it will begin to shape itself around the jar.
Tutorial Bark Heart Lanterns

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3. Flower Backdrop

Cascading Chandelier Flower Garland
Floral backdrops are great for wedding reception area and for family photographs. To create this masterpiece you’d want to start by trimming the flowers heads then tie a knot on one end of your fishing line. Then thread the line and sew the flower – depending on which way you want to hang them – upside down or right side up. Leave a gap and then tie another knot and add your next flower. It’s a bit time consuming at first but once you get your rhythm you’ll be done in no time.
Tutorial Flower Backdrop

4. Clip Polaroids to String Line

Clip Polaroids to String Lines
This is such a great feature to have for outdoor weddings! All you need is LED string lights, mini clothes hangers and if you wanted to take some photos on the night you’ll need to bring your polaroid camera too. You can display photos of your childhoods, growing up with your family and friends your first dates together – the concept is to have something wedding guests will actually feel connected to and that celebrates all our family and friends.
Tutorial Clip Polaroids to String Lines

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5. DIY Book Flowers

DIY Book Flowers
Tutorial DIY Book Flowers

6. DIY CMYK Lanterns

DIY CMYK Lanterns
Tutorial DIY CMYK Lanterns

7. DIY Ice Votives

DIY Ice Votives
Tutorial DIY Ice Votives

8. DIY Mason Jar Floating Candles

DIY Mason Jar Floating Candles
Tutorial DIY Mason Jar Floating Candles

9. DIY Paper Heart Garland

DIY Paper Heart Garland
Tutorial DIY Paper Heart Garland

10. DIY Wax Paper Backdrop

DIY Wax Paper Backdrop
Tutorial DIY Wax Paper Backdrop

11. Floral Paper Lanterns

Floral Paper Lanterns
Tutorial Floral Paper Lanterns

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12. Hanging Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Hanging Mason Jar Fairy Lights
Tutorial Hanging Mason Jar Fairy Lights

13. Hanging Vintage Floral Mason Jars

Hanging Vintage Floral Mason Jars
Tutorial Hanging Vintage Floral Mason Jars

14. Paper Flower Garlands

Paper Flower Garlands
Tutorial Paper Flower Garlands

magnetic wristband

15. Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns
Tutorial Paper Lanterns

16. DIY Gold Branches

DIY Gold Branches
After you spray paint the branches you can bling them up as much as you like and use them as wedding table centerpieces or place them in vases around the room. So what do you need? Gold spray paint & branches. Thats it!
Tutorial DIY Gold Branches

17. DIY Tassels

DIY Tassels
Tassels or ‘pom poms’ are a super cute decoration you can use for weddings, baby showers, birthdays or any celebration you can think of. The supplies only cost a few bucks but you need a bit of time to cut all the sections, then you just tie the pieces with washi tape to keep them in place.
Tutorial DIY Tassel Garland

18. Wedding Dress Table Centerpiece

Wedding Dress Table Centerpiece
Who’d have thought champagne glasses have the perfect figures for mini wedding dresses? Well they do, and now that you know this and how amazing they look you know you’re going to have to them for your wedding. All you need is some tulle fabric, a hot glue gun and some blingy stuff.
Tutorial Wedding Dress Table Centerpiece

19. Curtain Fairy Lights

Curtain Christmas Fairy Lights
Tutorial Curtain Fairy Lights

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20. Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Christmas Lights
Tutorial Mason Jar Lights

21. Willow Branch LED Pendant Lamp

Willow Branch LED Pendant Lamp

Tutorial Willow Branch LED Pendant Lamp

22. Globe String Lights

Globe String Lights
Tutorial Globe String Lights

23. Hanging Light Bulb Vases

Hanging Light Bulb Vases
Tutorial Hanging Light Bulb Vases

24. Round Paper Lanterns

Round Paper Lanterns
Tutorial Round Paper Lanterns

25. LED Photo Clips

LED Photo Clips String Lights for Hanging Photos
Tutorial LED Photo Clips