Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids to Make

5 Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids to Make

Valentine’s Day is not just a celebration of love for couples but also a perfect opportunity for kids to express their affection towards friends and family members.

Crafting is a fantastic way for children to create heartfelt tokens and keepsakes that can be cherished by loved ones. Easy Valentine’s crafts facilitate not only family bonding time but also instill creativity and develop fine motor skills in young ones.

Let’s embark on a journey of love and creativity with five easy Valentine crafts for kids!

5 Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids to Make

DIY Heart Stamp Art

Overview of the project

Heart stamp art allows children to unleash their inner artist with a simple homemade stamp.

This craft is engaging and produces colorful, unique designs that can be used for cards, gift wraps, or decorations.

Materials needed

· Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll

· Craft paint in Valentine’s colors

· Paper or cardstock

· Tape or glue

· Scissors

Step-by-step instructions

1. Flatten the toilet paper roll into an oval shape with one crease pointing inward to form the top of the heart, and the other poking out to become the point of the heart.

2. Secure the heart shape with tape or glue, to hold it in place.

3. Dip the end of the roll into craft paint.

4. Stamp the heart shape onto paper, pressing evenly to ensure a full imprint.

5. Allow your artwork to dry thoroughly.

Tips for making the most of your DIY Heart Stamp Art

Encourage kids to experiment with different colors and to overlap their hearts for a fun, layered look.

Using thicker paper or cardstock can prevent the paint from bleeding and result in a clearer stamped image.

Variations and customization options

For a textured effect, wrap yarn or string around the roll before painting.

Stamps can also be made in various sizes by using both toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

Handprint Frame

Overview of the project

Handprint frames preserve that fleeting moment in childhood, capturing the size of your child’s hand in a special keepsake frame.

This touching craft serves as a personalized gift for parents, grandparents, or caretakers.

Materials needed

· Cardstock or heavy paper

· Paint for handprints

· Photo for framing

· Scissors or craft knife

· Glue

Step-by-step instructions

1. Paint your child’s hand with their color of choice and carefully press it onto a sheet of cardstock.

2. Once dry, cut out the handprint.

3. Cut a rectangular frame from another piece of cardstock, sized to fit around your chosen photo.

4. Glue the handprint onto the frame, then secure the photo behind it.

Tips for making the most of your Handprint Frame

Using multiple colors for the handprint can create a vibrant frame.

Ensure that the paint is not too wet to avoid smudges.

Variations and customization options

Decorate your frame with stickers, or glitter, or write a sweet message to further personalize it.

Multiple handprints from different children can be combined to make a family frame.

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

Overview of the project

Building on the heart stamp concept, we can create a sturdier version using a toilet paper roll that’s perfect for young crafters to grip and handle.

Materials needed

· Toilet paper roll(s)

· Tape

· Paint and painting supplies

· Paper or cardstock

Step-by-step instructions

1. Bend the toilet paper roll slightly to form a heart shape, securing the shape with tape.

2. Pour paint onto a flat surface for easy dipping.

3. Dip one end of the toilet paper roll into the paint.

4. Firmly press the painted end onto your paper or cardstock to create a heart print.

5. Repeat to create a pattern or design, reapplying paint as needed.

Tips for making the most of your Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps

Use a shallow tray for the paint to help maintain a clean workspace.

Encourage kids to create patterns or designs with their stamps for added creativity.

Variations and customization options

Alternate between colors to make multicolored hearts.

Additionally, you can create stamps of different sizes by cutting the rolls down or using different types of cardboard tubes.

Candy Heart XO

Overview of the project

This delightful craft combines the sweetness of candy with a traditional Valentine’s message.

These Candy Heart XOs can be used as gifts, cards, or even decorative pieces.

Materials needed

· Conversation heart candies

· Cardstock or heavy paper

· Glue

· Markers or pens

· Scissors

Step-by-step instructions

1. Cut the cardstock to the desired size for your craft.

2. Plan out and lightly sketch the XO pattern on the paper.

3. Apply glue to the sketched areas one letter at a time.

4. Carefully place conversation hearts onto the glued areas to spell out Xs and Os.

5. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Tips for making the most of your Candy Heart XO

Allow kids to select the candy hearts with messages they love.

Use a small brush or a toothpick to apply the glue for precision and to prevent excess from overflowing onto the candy.

Variations and customization options

Write personalized messages around the candy heart XOs on the cardstock.

Mix and match candy colors or keep it uniform for a different aesthetic.

Salt Dough Footprint Keepsake

Overview of the project

A salt dough footprint keepsake is a heartfelt and enduring gift.

This craft captures a moment in time, creating a precious memento for parents, grandparents, or care providers.

Materials needed

· 1 cup of flour

· 1 cup of salt

· Approximately 1/2 cup of water

· Rolling pin

· Acrylic paint for decoration

· Ribbon or string for hanging (optional)

Step-by-step instructions

1. Mix flour, salt, and water to create a dough, adjusting the water as needed to reach a workable consistency.

2. Roll the dough out on a flat surface to about 1/2 inch thickness.

3. Help your child gently press their foot into the dough to create an imprint.

4. Cut around the footprint leaving a border to form a shape.

5. Use a straw or similar tool to make a hole at the top if you’d like to hang the keepsake.

6. Let the dough dry thoroughly, which can be done naturally over several days or in a low-heat oven.

7. Once dry, decorate the footprint with paint as desired.

Tips for making the most of your Salt Dough Footprint Keepsake

Make the footprint keepsake more durable by sealing it with a clear coat of varnish or Mod Podge after painting.

This will help preserve the colors and the dough.

Variations and customization options

Personalize the keepsake by inscribing the child’s name, the date, or a Valentine’s Day message before the dough dries.

Add glitter or accessories like small beads to the imprint for decorative detail.


Engaging in easy Valentine’s crafts with kids is about more than just creating adorable art projects; it’s about spending quality time together, sharing love, and making memories.

These five crafts offer a range of activities that children can enjoy while also providing cherished handmade gifts for loved ones.

Get ready to spread some love and creativity this Valentine’s Day and remember, the true value lies in the handmade and heartfelt effort.