10 Ways to Upcycle Old Clothes

Here’s 10 of the best tutorials for turning old clothes into funky items that will have you looking ultra cool all summer long.
(tutorial links are above each image)

1. DIY Shirt Sandals: You can use any type of material for this but probably best is t-shirt material because it’s thick and doesn’t fray. (Tutorial)
2. Lighter than Air Summer Shirt : This is just perfect for those sweltering summer days. (Tutorial)
3. Summer Dress from Yoga Pants : Imagine a summer dress that’s as comfy as yoga pants..well imagine no more! ♥ (Tutorial)
4. Turn an Old T-Shirt into a Mesh Bag : Recycle an old tee into an adorable fruit & veg carrier. (Tutorial)
5. Turn a Button Up Shirt into a Crop Top: A little bit of sewing skill needed here but wow...just wow! (Tutorial)
6. Turn 2 T Shirts into an Adorable Summer Vest: Spice up your jeans this summer with this ultra cute summer vest. (Tutorial)
7. Turn a Mans Shirt into a Gorgeous Top (Tutorial)
8. Fancify Your Jeans : All you need for this tutorial is paint, masking tape and a few minutes of your time! (Tutorial)
9. Upcycle a Plain Tee (Tutorial)
10. Refashion Sleeves into Blouse: A perfect project for someone who knows a little sewing - it really comes together rather fast. (Tutorial)

10 DIY Upcycled Clothing Ideas - Click for Tutorials