Upcycle PVC Pipe into Awesome Storage Solutions

If you need a quick and easy organizing solution for your home but don’t want to break the bank then you’ll love these PVC pipe storage ideas! So if you need to organize your tools, stationery shoes or even your underwear PVC pipe is so versatile it will help you do all that and much more. Below we’ve feature the shoe storage tutorial, which can also be used as a wine rack!

White PVC pipe shoe storage

Source: The Awesomer

drawer storage bins


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magnetic wristband

Adhesive sealant PVC pipe storage

Brown PVC pipe shoe storage

Copic pen holder made with pvc pipe and a hot glue gun

DIY Shoes storage from PVC

K cup storage using PVC

PVC 4 inch pipe coupling acrylic paint storage

PVC pipe glued together in holder could be adapted to hold brushes or paint tubes too

drawer storage bins

PVC pipe screwdriver storage

PVC Pipe Stationery Storage

PVC pipe storage for stationery

magnetic wristband

PVC Pipe Tool Storage

PVC Wine Rack

PVC Wine Rack

Red PVC pipe shoe storage

Store cable ties in PVC pipe

drawer storage bins

Vinyl storage solution using PVC pipe