24 Gorgeous DIYs For Your Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

From ‘Hanging Branch Jewelry Display’ to ‘Cupcake Flower Lights’ check out these amazing DIY projects that will turn your teenage girls bedroom into her very own theater of dreams! Some of the projects can be made for as little as $3 and you’ll also find that most of them are quite easy to do, you’ll just need to set aside a few hours and get out your crafting kit. Enjoy!

1. Tension Rod Shoe Storage

Tension Rod Shoe Storage 2
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Pine Cones


2. $3 Bottle Light

$3 Bottle Light
Tutorial $3 Bottle Light


3. Carnivale Cushion

Carnivale Cushion
Tutorial Carnivale Cushion


drawer storage bins

4. Colorful Pompom Rug

Colorful Pompom Rug
Tutorial Colorful Pompom Rug


5. Cupcake Flower Lights

Cupcake Flower Lights
Tutorial Cupcake Flower Lights


6. Desk Marquee Light

Desk Marquee Light
Tutorial Desk Marquee Light


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7. DIY Marquee Light in Custom Font

DIY Marquee Light in Custom Font
Tutorial DIY Marquee Light in Custom Font


8. DIY Nail Polish Rack

DIY Nail Polish Rack
Tutorial DIY Nail Polish Rack


9. DIY Sequin Pillow

DIY Sequin Pillow
Tutorial DIY Sequin Pillow


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10. DIY Splatter Paint Votives

DIY Splatter Paint Votives
Tutorial DIY Splatter Paint Votives


11. DIY String Art Tutorial

DIY String Art Tutorial
Tutorial DIY String Art Tutorial


12. DIY Wall Art Hexagon

DIY Wall Art Hexagon
Tutorial DIY Wall Art Hexagon


13. DIY Yarn Tassel Duvet Blanket

DIY Yarn Tassel Duvet Blanket
Tutorial DIY Yarn Tassel Duvet Blanket


14. Geometric Crochet Pillow

Geometric Crochet Pillow
Tutorial Geometric Crochet Pillow


15. Hanging Branch Jewelry Display

Hanging Branch Jewelry Display 1
Tutorial Hanging Branch Jewelry Display


16. Illuminated Yarn Lanterns

Illuminated Yarn Lanterns
Tutorial Illuminated Yarn Lanterns


17. Moroccan Candle Holders

Moroccan Candle Holders
Tutorial Moroccan Candle Holders


18. Mosaic Mirror

Mosaic Mirror
Tutorial Mosaic Mirror


19. Ping Pong String Lights

Ping Pong String Lights
Tutorial Ping Pong String Lights


20. Polaroid Wall With String Lights

Polaroid Wall With String Lights
Tutorial Polaroid Wall With String Lights


21. String Light Fabric Garland

String Light Fabric Garland
Tutorial String Light Fabric Garland


22. Striped Mason Jars

Striped Mason Jars
Tutorial Striped Mason Jars


23. Twine Ball Light Garland

Twine Ball Light Garland
Tutorial Twine Ball Light Garland


24. Upstyle Dresser with Quotes

Upstyle Dresser with Quotes
Tutorial Upstyle Dresser with Quotes


25. Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps
Tutorial Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps