St Patricks Day Rainbow Craft

St. Patrick’s Day is just a couple weeks away! Start your holiday crafting by making a few rainbow crafts with your kids. We’ve found some easy, inexpensive, and awesome projects for you all to try. Use these crafts as gifts for friends and family or display them in your home for spring decor! Rainbows are so beautiful and these colorful creations are no exception.

Rainbow footprint

Source: thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich

magnetic wristband


More ideas…

Christian St Patricks Day bulletin board


magnetic wristband

rainbow craft


rainbow handprints


Rainbow hands


rainbow hearts


Rainbow snack marshmallows and fruit loops on a wooden skewer


Rainbow wreath


St Patricks day baby hand and foot print art

magnetic wristband


St Patricks Day Rainbow Necklace


St Patrick Day footprint craft


St Patricks Day footprint art card


Toddler art st patricks day

magnetic wristband


Use black construction paper to cut out pot an assortment of paints with childs handprint and dot paint