Awesome Nautical Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

We just can’t get enough nautical style in our life—and that includes our baby showers. Prepare yourself for some of the most adorably preppy decorations for a sailor-themed celebration.We had so much fun planning the decorations and games for the party. I’ve also got a few free baby shower printables and cut files for you, so keep reading to get those. Also be sure to check out this other post for more nautical baby shower ideas.

Guest Book alternative for a nautical baby shower Message in a Bottle

Source: Living Luxuriously for Less

magnetic wristband


More ideas…

nautical diaper cake


magnetic wristband

nautical cutlery centerpiece


Ahoy its a boy garland


Anchor on burlap favor bags


Blue and red nail polish favors with life saver as tag


Blue and white pretzel rods for a baby shower that was nautical themed


Blue serviette with cutlery tied with a rope


Boat diaper cake with toy duck

magnetic wristband


Boat on vase of sand gorgeous nautical centerpiece


Brown paper favor bags with blue boat tags


Chips ahoy its a boy favors in tin boats


If you say baby you loose your life preserver

magnetic wristband


Lifesaver favors in treat bags


Lighthouse diaper cake with stripes and anchors


Melon pirate ship with mini flags and fruit


Message in a bottle for mommy and baby


Navy and white striped photo booth


Sailor themed backdrop for dessert table


Seaside themed centerpiece with anchor sand and shells


Ship dessert table with white and red paper pom poms


Steamboat diaper cake with fish toys for bath


Super cheap easy and adorable lantern bobbers collapsible afterward for use at future parties


Swink or swim dont say baby game


Tin boat centerpieces with babys breath