10 Natural Mosquito Repellant Plants

Create a mosquito free zone in your garden by growing these awesome mosquito repellent plants around your hangout area. They emit aromatic smells that are pleasant for us but offensive to mosquitoes. Some of the plants calso act as ‘olfactory camouflage’ in that they’ll hide you from the preying mosquitoes – so a combination of different plants can sometimes work best.
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1. Lemongrass emits a really fresh lemony smell that mosquitoes hate. Here's the quickest way to start growing it: (More Info)

2. Rosemary herb grows up to five feet & is a brilliant mosquito repellent. It doesn’t like the cold so grow in containers and bring indoors during the winter. (More Info)

3. Eucalyptus plants are great at repelling pests & also for making ointments; simply crush the leaves & rub the paste onto the skin - brilliant trick for picnics. (More Info)

4. Because mint is a voracious grower it will provide protection in your outdoor area quite quickly. (More Info)

5. Citronella is the number 1 ingredient used in mosquito repellents however the living plant is far mor effective. The distinctive aroma acts as like an olfactory camouflage - keeping you well hidden from the preying mosquitoes (More Info)

6. Marigolds are best placed beside open windows or in hanging baskets near doors. They also make great companions for tomato plants as they repel the insects that prey on them. (More Info)

7. Lavender is a great repellent for most airborn insects & really easy to grow – but as its a fast grower its best to plant it in a container. You can then move the plants to where every you need some quick action pest protection. (More Info)

8. Horsemint acts much like citronella in that it confuses the mosquitoes by emitting a strong odour that camouflages you. Best grown in sandy climes and also attracts much more pleasant visitors like bees & butterfly’s. (More Info)

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9. Catnip acts as a good natural mosquito repellent but works best as an ointment. Grab a load of leaves, rub them between your hands then over your arms & legs and you’ll be bite free all day. (More Info)

10. The truly amazing basil plant will keep numerous insects at bay, whilst providing you with a great herb for your cuisine. (More Info)

10 Natural Mosquito Repellant Plants - Click for Tips