Mosaic and Broken Mirror Wall Art

Someone say is bed luck to broke a mirror, but we say is time to be creative. You don’t have to throw away the broken mirror you just have to be innovative and make something out of it. Mirrors are very effective and they can make your space magical.

Mosaic mirror idea


magnetic wristband

More ideas…

mosaic mirror 180 x 60


Recycle a broken mirror

magnetic wristband


Broken mirror art Supplies needed mirror hot glue gun and hot glue canvas hammer and sheet


Broken mirror art


Broken mirror art Things needed a glue gun mirror hammer sheet and anything you want to place broken mirror on


Broken mirror on the wall who is the craftiest one of all


Mirror mosaic garden art


Mirror mosaic on a door


magnetic wristband

Mirror tree on painted canvas


mirrored damask panel dresser in black


mirrored mosaic damask panel