DIY Project: Mirror Mosaic Wall Art

Mosaic mirror idea
Recycle a broken mirror
Broken mirror art Supplies needed mirror hot glue gun and hot glue canvas hammer and sheet
Broken mirror art
Broken mirror art Things needed a glue gun mirror hammer sheet and anything you want to place broken mirror on
Broken mirror on the wall who is the craftiest one of all
Mirror mosaic garden art
Mirror mosaic on a door
Mirror tree on painted canvas
mirrored damask panel dresser in black
mirrored mosaic damask panel

This is an awesome DIY project for anyone who has a broken mirror that’s hidden away in the attic and only takes a couple of hours to complete. So to start you’ll need some broken mirror pieces, large canvas, strong adhesive and grout. Once you have all your supplies ready start by placing the pieces of mirror onto the canvas but don’t glue everything until you’re happy with the layout then just follow the rest of the steps in the tutorial below!

Tutorial DIY Mirror Mosaic Art | Buy on Amazon Large Canvas $13.64
mosaic mirror 180 x 60