Dollar Tree Mardi Gras Decor Ideas

Mardi Gras is one of the most exciting events of the year, and, as such, you can participate in a variety of activities to commemorate the occasion. The date for Mardi Gras, which means Fat Tuesday, changes every year, but it is always 46 days before Easter. It’s Mardi Gras time, so let the good times roll. You and your sweetheart don’t have to have a major bank roll to get the party going. Mardi Gras takes place in various cities throughout the world, but it’s strongly connected with New Orleans.

Birthday Masquerade Party Candy Buffet in Purple Green Black and Gold


magnetic wristband


More ideas…

Custom Mardi Gras grapevine wreath with Mardi Gras mask swags gold bay leaves


magnetic wristband

DIY Cone Mardi Gras decor


DIY Mardi Gras table centerpiece I made this for my mom who is in the nursing home to brighten up her room


Fleur de lis in traditional Mardi Gras colors


Garfield Street fair


mardi gras cake


Mardi Gras centerpieces


Mardi gras centerpieces make with sparkling cider bottles

magnetic wristband


Mardi Gras Decoration Chandelier


Mardi Gras Decoration womens shoes


Mardi Gras Decorations


Mardi Gras Decorations Centerpieces

magnetic wristband


Mardi Gras Decorations Vases


Mardi Gras Decorations wine bottles


Mardi Gras Decorations wine glasses


mardi gras hats


Mardi Gras Lamp Post Decorations


mardi gras mantel decor


mardi gras masks 1k


mardi gras porch decor


Mardi Gras table decor


Mardi Gras wreath


Mardi Gras Wreath


Sweet 16 Mardi Gras balloon decor and backdrop


Table decorations for a Mardi Gras party