Gorgeous Chignon Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

5 Gorgeous Chignon Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day can be a challenging task.

Every bride wants a hairstyle that complements her dress, fits the wedding theme, and, above all, makes her feel beautiful.

The chignon, a timeless updo that exudes elegance and sophistication, could be the ideal choice for many brides seeking that very charm on their special day.

Chignons have graced the heads of women for centuries and today, they are as prevalent as ever in wedding hairstyles.

They are versatile, ranging from sleek and classic to messy and modern, making them suitable for various hair types and lengths.

Moreover, the chignon possesses the unique advantage of keeping your hair neatly tucked away, so you can enjoy your wedding without fussing over stray strands.

Ready to fall in love with the chignon? This article is here to guide you through five gorgeous chignon wedding hairstyle tutorials.

5 Gorgeous Chignon Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

Easy Smooth Low Chignon Hairstyle Tutorial

An easy smooth low chignon is the epitome of understated elegance.

It’s perfect for brides who want a chic, polished look with minimal effort.

Overview of the project

This hairstyle involves creating a smooth, low bun at the nape of the neck.

It’s simple enough for beginners and can be done at home with a few hair tools.

Materials needed

· Fine-tooth comb

· Hair tie

· Bobby pins

· Hair spray

· Shine serum (optional)

Step-by-step instructions

1. Begin with dry hair.

Straighten your hair if it’s naturally curly to achieve a smooth look.

2. Apply a shine serum to give your hair a sleek finish and comb through to remove any tangles.

3. Gather your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie.

4. Twist the ponytail around the base to form a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

5. Use hairspray to tame any flyaways and provide hold for the chignon.

Tips for making the most of your easy smooth chignon hairstyle

For added comfort and security throughout the event, ensure that the hair tie and bobby pins are snug but not too tight.

Variations and customization options

You can accessorize your chignon with pearl pins, or a small tiara, or integrate a thin braided strand around the bun for a touch of regal finesse.

How to Style the Modern Chignon Wedding Updo

For brides aiming for a contemporary twist on the classic chignon, the modern chignon updo offers a balance of the traditional essence with a present-day aesthetic.

Overview of the project

This trendy take on the chignon involves texture and volume, making it flexible for wedding themes from boho to urban chic.

Materials needed

· Texturizing spray

· Hair tie

· Bobby pins

· Volumizing powder (optional)

Step-by-step instructions

1. Prep damp hair with texturizing spray and blow-dry to add volume.

2. If your hair is straight, consider adding loose waves with a curling iron for extra texture.

3. Tease the crown of your hair gently to create volume and smooth over the top layer with a comb.

4. Pull the hair back into a low ponytail, leaving some volume at the crown, and tie it loosely.

5. Twist the ponytail and wrap it around the base to form a textured bun.

Secure it with bobby pins.

6. Pull out a few strands around your face for a softer, more relaxed look.

Tips for making the most of your modern chignon wedding updo

Volumizing powder can be sprinkled at the roots for added lift, especially if your hair tends to fall flat.

Variations and customization options

Incorporate small flowers or decorative hairpins throughout the bun for a bohemian or garden wedding theme.

Easy Braided Chignon – Prom Wedding Hairstyles

The easy braided chignon is a romantic option that combines the classic updo with the ever-popular braid, adding texture and interest to the hairstyle.

Overview of the project

This variation on the chignon includes braiding elements that wrap around the bun, suitable for both casual and formal wedding settings.

Materials needed

· Hairbrush

· Hair tie

· Bobby pins

· Hair spray

Step-by-step instructions

1. Brush your hair to remove any knots or tangles.

2. Reserve a section of hair from the front and start braiding it loosely, continuing towards the back.

Secure the braid temporarily.

3. Gather the rest of your hair and form a low ponytail.

Secure it with a hair tie.

4. Use the braid to wrap around the base of the ponytail, then tie the ponytail into a bun.

5. Secure the braid and bun with bobby pins neatly tucked underneath.

6. Finish the look with a spritz of hairspray to hold the braid and chignon in place.

Tips for making the most of your easy braided chignon

Practice the braiding beforehand if you’re not accustomed to creating braids on yourself—it gets easier with practice.

Variations and customization options

For a more intricate look, use multiple braids or experiment with different braiding styles such as fishtail or Dutch braid.

Easier Than It Looks Updo Wedding Hairstyle

This chignon variation is perfect for brides who want a sophisticated updo that appears complex but is, in fact, quite simple to create.

Overview of the project

This style uses twists and turns to give an impression of intricate hairstyling work, but it can be achieved in a few straightforward steps.

Materials needed

· Paddle brush

· Hairpins

· Hair tie

· Light hairspray

Step-by-step instructions

1. Brush your hair thoroughly to ensure it’s smooth and tangle-free.

2. Choose a side or middle parting according to your preference.

3. Take small sections of hair from one side, twist them, and pin them at the back of your head.

Repeat on the other side.

4. Once both sides are twisted and pinned, gather the remaining hair into a ponytail.

5. Twist the ponytail up towards the pinned sections and loop it into a tucked bun, securing it all around with hairpins.

6. Finish with a light mist of hairspray for a soft hold.

Tips for making the most of your easier-than-it-looks updo wedding hairstyle

For added elegance, allow some face-framing strands to fall naturally.

Variations and customization options

This hairstyle can be embellished with delicate hair accessories like beaded clips or fresh flowers that complement your bridal bouquet.

Classic Chignon Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

A classic chignon is timeless and can be adapted to fit any bride’s vision.

It’s known for its sleek and refined look.

Overview of the project

A classic chignon sits at the nape of the neck and is often styled smoothly, giving a clean and formal appearance.

Materials needed

· Fine-tooth comb

· Hairpins

· Strong-hold hairspray

· Optional: a donut bun maker for extra volume

Step-by-step instructions

1. Use the fine-tooth comb to thoroughly brush your hair to one side at the nape of the neck.

2. If you’re using a donut bun maker, pull the ponytail through it and wrap your hair around, tucking the ends neatly underneath.

3. If not using a bun maker, twist the ponytail and roll it under to form the classic chignon shape.

4. Pin the bun securely in place with hairpins.

5. Use a strong-hold hairspray to ensure your hair stays polished throughout the day.

Tips for making the most of your classic chignon wedding hairstyle

Keep the bun smooth and tight for a refined look, but be sure not to make it too stiff, which could be uncomfortable over time.

Variations and customization options

Dress up a classic chignon with a sparkling hairpiece, lace overlay, or veil that hooks under the bun for a truly majestic bridal appearance.


Chignon wedding hairstyles are a gorgeous way to celebrate one of life’s most beautiful milestones.

They are versatile, flattering, and can be tailored to each bride’s taste.

Whether you opt for an easy smooth low chignon or a classic chignon, these tutorials can help you achieve a look of elegance and grace.

Embrace the beauty of the chignon and choose one of these wedding hairstyle ideas to complete your bridal look.

Remember, the right hairstyle can amplify your confidence and ensure you not only look but also feel, nothing short of spectacular on your big day.