Genius Lighting Ideas for Girls Bedrooms

Girls just wanna have fun and what better way to have fun than to decorate your walls, shelves and mirrors with the funkiest string lights you can get your hands on! Bedroom lighting can range from basic to bold, and dimmed to dramatic. No matter what, lighting is a key player in your bedroom design. Whatever your style there some really great ideas here to get you going!

LED Lights over Bed Posts

Source: Hello Kristen

magnetic wristband


More ideas…

Star shaped LED lights

LED Lights over Bed Posts

magnetic wristband

Large Bulb Lights on Wall

Large Bulb LED Lights

LED lights in white bedroom

led lights on mirror

LED lights on mirror

Led lights on shelves

Hood College Freshman Dorm

LED Curtain Lights

LED Lights and Chunky Blanket

led lights and rug

LED lights in Dorm room

LED Lights on Wall

LED Lights with Photos

magnetic wristband

led lights with sheer curtain

String lights on reclaimed wood wall

Boho Bedroom with LED Lights

LED Lights and Photo Display

String Light with Sheer Curtain