Easy Prawn Cocktail Recipes

These prawns are easy to prepare, simple, stylish, and great Christmas entrée. A fast, easy alternative to the traditional prawn cocktail the family will love – and the avocado dressing really kicks off its flavor. Confession time: prawn cocktail is my secret vice. When I get home late after working in the Fat Duck there’s nothing I like better than to raid the fridge for prawn cocktail. Homemade, shop-bought – at two in the morning I don’t really care. But given the choice, I’d go for the recipe below. It is best if you make your own mayonnaise, but you can use jarred. And my own personal tip: put a little chopped basil and tarragon into the mix to introduce some fresh, lively extra flavor.

Corona shrimp cocktail

Christmas Cookies

Mini shrimp cocktail

Shrimp and pepper cocktail

Shrimp arranged on a plate

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Shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktail

drawer storage bins

Shrimp cocktail in large martini glass

Shrimp cocktail shots Shot glass half filled with cocktail sauce lime for some zest

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Shrimp Cocktail Got the Extra large Martini glass

Shrimp in a glass with lime

Shrimp skewers

healthy smoothie recipes

shrimp I like food with awesome presentation to them to stir up that appetite

Christmas Cookies

Special sauce La Cruda lemon tajin tabasco soy chamoy ice celery tamarind

spinning shrimp cocktail tower

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