77+ Easy Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

From ‘Nutella Squeezy Dispensers’ to ‘5 Minute Fat Burns’ and ‘Tension Rod Jewelry Organizers’ these awesome game changers will help you get your life sorted in no time! These really are the life hacks every girl should know!

Tutorial Money Saving Tips and HacksSaving Hack


magnetic wristband

Tutorial How to Make Your Fave Starbucks Drink at HomeIced coffee


Tutorial Killer Bodyweight Moves for Your Buttskinny girl big booty workout


magnetic wristband

Tutorial Fat-Melting Ab Workouts You Can Do At Homelower belly workout


Buy on Amazon Adjustable Door Knob Jammer
Intruder hack
It works VERY well. It secures my door. I had my son who is 300lbs and 6″2′ try to open the door and he couldn’t. It’s easy to put under the doorknob and to remove.
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Headphone play pause fast forward hack
High performance sound quality with super dynamic deep bass high resolution treble & crisp powerful sound with built in a in-line controller…use the hacks above to control things better!
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Buy on Amazon On-Wall Surge Protector
Gas and Electric Safety Hack
Protect your devices from electrical surge damage to keep your entire home safe. Remember to always use protection…for your electronics.
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I love Vicks Use it for everything Weird that putting it on your feet stops cough but it really works


Tutorial 15 min Thigh Fat Burner WorkoutLeg exercises


Tutorial Weight Loss Meal Prep For WomenHealthy Meal Plan

magnetic wristband


Air con hack in summer


Balloon Glow Stick Hack


Credit score hack


Giant ice marbles

magnetic wristband


If stall door does not lock correctly use hair tie to keep door closed Better than an open show


iPhone recharging hack


iPhone speaker hack


Tutorial Money Saving Tips and HacksMoney Saving Hacks


Nail Polish Hack


Phone number hack


Post interview email hack


Resignation Letter Hack 58k


We we should hire you hack


Coffee Cubes
Don’t want to water your iced coffee down ? Then make up these handy coffee ice cubes that won’t only keep your drink cool – it will keep it strong! You can even make up creamer cubes too depending on what drink you want – barista beware.
View Tutorial Coffee Cubes
Keep your iced coffee strong with coffee cubes.


Squeezy Nutella
Nutella that pours ? Now why didn’t I think of this one – crepes to the ready!
If you’re a Nutella fiend then this one’s for you. Make your spread come out as easy as your soap with the addition of a nifty dispenser – of course it also makes a funny prank if you leave it in the toilet for visitors!
View Tutorial Squeezy Nutella


Beauty Blender Storage
Keep your beauty blenders as clean as the Kardashians!
This is literally a life saver when travelling – you don’t want to put your makeup sponge in with everything else – so plastic eggs are the perfect travel holder for it!
View Tutorial Beauty Blender Storage


Portable Speakers
Bring the boom to a party any where with these DIY speakers! These DIY speakers cost next to nothing to make and are so handy to pop in your beach bag. With a cardboard tube and two plastic cups – you can really get the party started. You can spray paint them a funky color to make them look awesome.
View Tutorial Portable Speakers


Bottle Holder
A cheap solution to spilled drinks with a couple of erasers! Sick of knocking drinks over? Make yourself a nifty little holder with a couple erasers and glue. The next time your mobile rings, you won’t knock that drink over, you’ve got your holder!
View Tutorial Bottle Holder


Replacement Cap
Losing juices over lids? Make yourself a handy cap with a balloon! Caps get lost way too easy (at least in my house anyway) Don’t waste your juice or your sauce – blow up a balloon (without tying it) pop on top of the container til all the air releases and you’ve got yourself a handy air tight lid!
View Tutorial Replacement Cap


Mini Hanger
Now I know what to do with all those erasers I have hanging around! Make yourself a cute key holder out of things you already have laying round the house! One eraser and a couple of push pins is all it takes to keep your earphones or your keys neat and tidy!
View Tutorial Mini Hanger


Egg Test
Don’t risk a dodgy egg – use this simple water test to decipher freshness! I love this one! How many times have you pulled an egg out only to wonder how long it’s been there? This simple test will tell you straight away if you can boil it or bin it. So pop the offending egg into a container of water – if it’s good to use it’ll sink if it’s a bad one it’ll float. Simple.
View Tutorial Egg Test


Tension Rod Jewelry Organizer
Tension rods are a great way to get instant storage with minimal fuss. If you’ve got a million necklaces and earrings lying around then all you need to do is add a few s-hooks and you’re good to go – you’ll have everything organized within a couple of minutes! (No drilling or tools required!)
Buy on Amazon Tension Rod Jewelry Organizer


Tension Rod Shoe Organizers
This is another one of my favorite life hacks – as it’s the perfect way to store and display your beloved shoes. So just grab yourself a few tension rods and within a couple of minutes you’re done! If you’re renting your property you won’t need to drill any holes or cause any damage to the walls. Genius!
Buy on Amazon Tension Rod Shoe Organizers


Organize Cleaning Products in 60 Seconds
Over the door organizers are the best friend of lazy people like me and will get your organized in no time at all. This is a great value 2 pack and is made of really high quality material with super large pockets!
Buy on Amazon Over the Door Organizers


Ultimate Thigh and Butt Workout
Here’s another super way to get a body I can only ever dream of getting…Check it out HERE


5 Minute Fat Burn
This womans body is simply awesome – yet it only takes 5 minutes to become like her. Ok probably not. More like 5 minutes every hour, for the rest of our lives – but seriously check her out shes amazing!
Check it out HERE


DIY Hair Tool Holder
This hair tool holder is such a life saver! Just grab a $4 PVC pipe at Home Depot, spray paint it and ta da!! Instant hair tool organization! Check out the tutorial below!
Tutorial DIY Hair Tool Holder


Hang Hot Tools on Command Hooks
This is another great way to keep all your hair tools organized. You can put these extra strong Command Hooks can on walls or on the inside of your cupboard doors and wind the cords around them to keep it all nice and neat!
Buy on Amazon Command Hooks


Headrest Hanger Storage Hooks
Organize your back seat clutter with these awesome storage hooks. Now you’ve got the perfect space to hang groceries, clothes, handbags, gym gear, umbrellas, kid’s toys, baby supplies and much more!
Buy on Amazon Back Seat Headrest Hanger Storage Hooks


2 Minute Boot Organizer
This is a great investment if you want to save room in your closet and keep your boots looking new! This is the best thing on the market to be able to hang up multiple pairs of boots, get them off a dusty closet floor, keep them nice and organize them in a way that will fit almost any closet space!
Buy on Amazon Boot Butler


Hang Pictures with a Fork
No joke, this is probably one of my favorite hacks ever! A job that can be so frustrating is now a simple task – simply place your fork over the nail and let it guide you picture hanging bliss!
Tutorial Hang Pictures with a Fork


Hang Products from a Curtain Rod
Get yourself some curtain rods and rings with clips and you can create the most awesome product dispenser ever. Remember all those times you knocked your shampoo over and you were scrambling around with suds in your eyes not able to find anything…well, that will all be a distant memory!
Buy on Amazon Hang Products from a Curtain Rod


Hide Cables in Gift Box
Here’s a super stylish way to hide all those yucky cables that seem to slither round our living rooms like geeky snakes. All you need is an old gift box and about an hour of your precious time!
Tutorial Hide Cables in Gift Box


3 Ways to Open a Stuck Bottle of Nail Polish
Opening nail polish might seem simple, but it’s not especially when you’re hurrying for a date! So you’ve got 3 choices – use a rubber band, use nail polish thinner or dip it in a bowl of hot water…you decide!


Clean & Dry Makeup Brushes Quickly
Here’s a really great way to clean your makeup brushes and it works…it really works!
Tutorial Clean Dry Makeup Brushes Quickly


Organize Eye Shadow in an Ice Tray
Have you got 30 seconds to spare? Then grab an ice tray and organize all your eye shadow, and stop them taking over your bedroom like a bunch of gremlins!
Buy on Amazon Ice Tray


Use a Ring Pull as a Clothes Organizer
This is such a great way to double the space in your closet – simply slide a ring pull down the first hanger then clip a second hanger below it. Legend has it some gals have even done a triple hanger…but thats crazy…right?
Buy on Amazon 30 Pack of Hangers


Wine Bottle Jewelry Organizer
Hold up, before you make that weekly trip to the bottle bank, check out this glorious jewelry organizer that it can magically turn into. So here’s the directions 1) drink bottle of wine 2) place empty bottle of wine on your dresser 3) place bracelets, necklaces etc over the neck of the bottle of wine. If you have loads of jewelry like me you may need to drink an extra bottle or two. Hiccup.
Buy on Amazon Hanging Jewelry Organizer


Over the Door Organizer
Use an Over the Door Spice Rack organizer in the bedroom or bathroom to organize lotions, perfumes and makeup in a matter or minutes. This is the ultimate de-clutter tool you need in your life!
Buy on Amazon 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack


No Scrub Pan Clean
The easiest way to save a scorched pan without scrubbing like a mad person for hours! All you need to do is fill the pan with water, add some dish soap and add a dryer sheet…then let it sit for one hour and rinse clean. Yes, it really is that easy! Check out the video below!
Buy on Amazon Stainless Steel Pan


Avocado Slicer
While we’re in the mood to be healthy have a look at this awesome avocado slicer. I’ve tried every other way, and nothing works…this really is as good as it looks!
Buy on Amazon Avocado Slicer


French Fry Cutter
Ok french fries may not be the healthiest – but if you are going to have them you’re better off making you’re own rather than the frozen kind. But who wants to spend 2 years cutting up potatoes (thats how long it takes me to do just one)….well not me! And neither do you! So grab yourself one of these awesome little things and you wont have to!
Buy on Amazon French Fry Cutter


Mushroom Slicer
Yes there’s mushroom slicers too!
Buy on Amazon Mushroom Slicer


Professional Multi-Chopper
Or you can grab a multi purpose one that can do it all!
Buy on Amazon Professional Multi Chopper


Tomato Holder
And for those squishy tomatoes that squirt juice everywhere no matter how sharp your knife is? Yeh, we got something for that too!
Buy on Amazon Tomato Slicer Holder


Color Code Your Keys
Dress up your keys in just a few minutes with colorful funky paper! This DIY project is not only a practical way to help identify your keys, but it’s also a great way to add some color and handmade flair to your key chain!
Tutorial Color Code Your Keys


Make a Scarf Hanger In No Time
If you’re a secret scarf hoarder and have them tucked away up in drawers or piled in the bottom of your closet then you’ll want to make this DIY scarf hanger. It’s oh so awesome!
Tutorial Make a Scarf Hanger in No Time


Paint Your Bobby Pins
Everyone owns a million bobby pins, but how many super funky ones do you own? Probably none…so get your nail polish out and get painting!
Tutorial Paint Your Bobby Pins


Replace Your Broken Watch Strap With a Scarf
Turn a negative into a positive by replacing your old, broken watch strap with a boho scarf! A very simple scarf watch, perfect for layering with all the other wrist bling you’re sure to be wearing this winter.
Tutorial Replace Your Broken Watch Strap with a Scarf


Revamp Your Old High Heels With Fabric
Need new high heels, but are stone cold broke? Then get some fantastic fabric and upcycle your way to fashion heaven. Just be warned, this tutorial is a little tricky but is so, so worth it in the end!
Tutorial Revamp Your Old High Heels with Fabric


Upcycle an Old Book Into a Pretty Charger Station
This book charging station is a simple way to keep your nightstand looking neat and tidy and is also a great way to keep that pesky cord in place.
Tutorial Upcycle an Old Book Into a Pretty Charger Station


Clothespin Daily Organizers
How about using some spare clothespins to create a super cool DIY weekly to-do list! Gradually paint across each clothespin with a lighter shade. You can also start with a lighter shade and work your way to a darker to get that beautiful ombre effect.
Tutorial Clothespin Daily Organizers


DIY Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case
This is probably the most practical and pretty bobby pin case you could ever make. All you need to do is eat about a hundred tic tacs and dot some dots on the empty case – ta da! You’re done!
Tutorial Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case


Easy $10 Jewelry Display Organizers
Add some funk to your bedroom walls with these awesome jewelry organizers – the total cost should be under $10 which is an even bigger bonus!
Tutorial Easy Jewelry Display Organizers


5 Section Master Pan
Now that I have cooked a few meals with this pan I can honestly say that I will no longer be needing all my other pans. It just does it all. Cooking multiple ingredients at the same time and then infusing them together to mix the flavors is something that I have never been able to do before. Until now!
Buy on Amazon 5 Section Master Pan


Spill Stopper Lids
This spill stopper lid is genius!! if you’re like me who always forgot to reduce the heat and let boiling water spilled all over the stove and pot making an unholy mess – then this gadget is for you!
Buy on Amazon Spill Stopper Lid


Car Seat Organizer Pockets
Great multi purpose product. My back seat was getting really dirty with my toddler’s shoes. Now, the kick mat protects the front seat and gives my daughter entertainment options for our car ride.
Buy on Amazon Car Seat Organizer


Portable Shelving Luggage
Truly a game-changer for travel – easier to pack to go away, easier than digging thru bags while on the road, everything (including dirty clothes) is together.
Buy on Amazon Portable Luggage System


2 Pack x 6 Pocket Shower Organizer
Easily organize all your personal care items including shampoos, conditioners, razors etc. The mesh material is quick drying and means it wont get moldy or smelly!
Buy on Amazon 2 Pack x 6 Pocket Shower Organizer