12 Easy DIY Hairstyles for The Beach

Everyone’s out catching waves and rays so it’s time to get those locks beach ready. But before you think you’ll have to spend loads of time glamming up your hair, check out these awesome tutorials which show you how to do it in no time!

1. Double Braids

Double Braids
Tutorial Double Braids


magnetic wristband

2. Easy Sock Bun

Easy Sock Bun
Tutorial Easy Sock Bun


3. French Braided Side Bun

French Braided Side Bun
Tutorial French Braided Side Bun


magnetic wristband

4. Girly Braided Updo

Girly Braided Updo
Tutorial Girly Braided Updo


5. Groovy Flower Crown

Groovy Flower Crown
Tutorial Groovy Flower Crown


6. Messy Bun

Messy Bun
Tutorial Messy Bun


7. Messy Fishtail with a Twist

Messy Fishtail with a Twist
Tutorial Messy Fishtail with a Twist


8. Pulled Back Braid

Pulled Back Braid
Tutorial Pulled Back Braid


9. Side Pony with Twist

Side Pony with Twist
Tutorial Side Pony with Twist


10. The Milkmaid

The Milkmaid
Tutorial The Milkmaid

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11. Topsytail Style

Topsytail Style
Tutorial Topsytail Style


12. Twisted Headband

Twisted Headband
Tutorial Twisted Headband