33+ Easy Christmas Wreaths Under $20

View Tutorial Winter Yarn Pom WreathWinter Yarn Pom Wreath

Snowman grapevine wreath

Burlap Reindeer Wreath

Grapevine wreath snowman

Green and Red Wreath

Mini Christmas Tree Wreath

Pine Cone and Grapevine Wreath

Pine cone door wreath with painted red and silver snow dipped pine cones with silver bells

Red and White Wreath

Tartan and Grapevine Wreath

Tartan Wreath

Unique and beautiful Nativity wreath Christmas

Bling Santa Wreath

10 Pine Cone Wreath
Collect pine cones from your backyard and paint them white. Once dry you can attach them to a plain grape vine wreath and hang on your door.
Tutorial $10 Pine Cone Wreath

Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial
For neutral themed decor pair a burlap wreath with pine cones and white berries and some festive garland to bring it all together.
Tutorial Burlap Christmas Wreath Tutorial

DIY Gift Box Christmas Wreath
Made with mini foil gift boxes it’s hard not to fall for this clever creation which is finished off with a large green bow.
Tutorial DIY Gift Box Christmas Wreath

DIY Holiday Burlap Wreath
If you’re looking for a cozy-chic look – then burlap is the way to go. Add a splash of festive color by adding red glitter bells.
Tutorial DIY Holiday Burlap Wreath

DIY Retro Christmas Yarn Wreath
This wreath screams the 70s and will really take you back to those magical childhood Christmasses.
Tutorial DIY Retro Christmas Yarn Wreath

DIY Wood Wreath
Wood is cut into 4 inch squares to make this wonderfully natural and warm looking wreath that could be customized to suit every occasion.
Tutorial DIY Wood Wreath

Dollar Store Ornament Wreath
This colorful creation is made by gluing many ornaments to a wire wreath frame – and the kids could get involved with this projects too.
Tutorial Dollar Store Ornament Wreath

Easy Burlap Wreath Tutorial
Burlap really is the king of fabrics in terms of crafting – and this easy to make wreath is brought together beautifully with the addition of a pop of color from the winetr berries.
Tutorial Easy Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Easy To Make Holiday Wreath
If you’re looking for easy to make festive decor – then look no further. You’ll need a grapevine wreath, holiday berry stems and eucalyptus branches to make this one.
Tutorial Easy To Make Holiday Wreath

Holiday Pompom Wreath
Make many pom poms from grey, white and red yarn and attach to a wreath form to make this festive wreath.
Tutorial Holiday Pompom Wreath

Lit Frosted Ball Wreath
Clear glass Christmas balls are transformed into this majestic lit wreath with frost etching effect and a string of white Christmas lights.
Tutorial Lit Frosted Ball Wreath

Upcycle an Old Book Into a Wreath
Book lovers will delight in making this book page wreath which could be made from old books or ones bought at the local thrift store.
Tutorial Upcycle an Old Book Into a Wreath