Easter Style Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

Do y’all think that time is flying by as quickly as I do? Just typing the word “Easter” in this post title kind of made me suck in my breath. My life is a tad chaotic right now…dad will be in the rehabilitation hospital for another 7 weeks…I find myself craving nature and color. Typically these two things lift my spirits and recharge my energy. Personally, I have learned the hard way that in stressful times I must put myself first. Taking care of my own health and wellbeing is super important for me and the people that depend on me.

Pottery Barn Easter tiered galvanized tray


More ideas…

Galvanized Tier Easter


Easter tiered tray


Easter vignette


elf on the shelf easter tray


just finished my tier for Easter Spring


moss in sundae glass


spring easter tiered tray


Spring has Sprung


Spring has Sprung


Spring tiered tray


Tiered Tray


wooden tiered tray for easter


wooden tiered tray for easter


Yellow white and bunnies