DIY Wedding Balloon Garland

Balloon Garlands are all the rage right now, and rightfully so. They are gorgeous, easy, and affordable to create. Balloon garland tutorials often seem daunting and difficult, but I have come up with the easiest way to create a DIY Balloon Garland. You can create an easy balloon garland using any color of balloons an it can be as large or small as you want.

Stream of balloons can add so much to a display


magnetic wristband

More ideas…

Balloon garland for wedding


balloon garland how ingenious Any color decor scheme

magnetic wristband


bride to be balloon decor


burgundy balloon wedding arch


Burgundy navy and rose gold balloon garland


Burgundy navy and rose gold wedding balloon garland


Gorgeous Balloon Arch in pink gold and burgundy


grey pink and white balloons


magnetic wristband

Ombré soft metallic balloon arch


Organic balloon wreath


pink purple and white wedding balloon arch


Pink mauve rose gold and silver balloon garland


magnetic wristband

purple and grey balloon arch


Stream of balloons can add so much to a display


white and gold wedding balloon arch


white balloon arch