DIY Vintage Wine Bottles

Instead of throwing out those old wine bottles, wine-not (we had to!) turn them into neat, nifty projects? The glass containers are actually a whole lot more versatile than you might think. They can be turned into practical items that you use every day, or you can create cute ornaments that brighten up your home.

brown and jute wine bottles

gold and turquoise vintage wine bottles

magnetic wristband

I spray painted bottles white Added rub on words Makes great table decorations throughout the year

Inspiring bottles for around the house is a great idea

Like the idea with a Jameson and wine bottle

metallic vintage wine bottles

magnetic wristband

Mr and Mrs wine bottles with jute

My new decorated wine bottle

painted wine bottles

Painted wine bottles for decorating your home

pink wine bottle

red and jute vintage wine bottles

red and jute vintage wine bottles

Turn your empty wine bottles into great works of art

vintage look up cycled wine bottles

vintage painted wine bottles

vintage wine bottles