DIY Father's Day Handprint Crafts

5 DIY Father’s Day Handprint Crafts

Father’s Day offers a heartwarming opportunity to show appreciation for the fathers and father figures in our lives.

Handprint crafts are a profoundly personal way to do so, capturing a moment in time and embodying the cherished connection between a child and their parent. DIY Father’s Day handprint crafts are not only an avenue for creativity but also create lasting keepsakes that dads can look back on with fondness in the years to come.

In this guide, we’ll walk through five DIY handprint crafts—from sentimental cards to functional art—that make perfect Father’s Day gifts.

Handprint Father’s Day Card

A handprint card is a classic that communicates love and effort.

Each crease and line of a child’s handprint makes this a truly personal piece.

Overview of the project

In this simple craft, kids imprint their hands onto paper to form part of a heartfelt card design.

It’s quick, easy, and brims with affection.

Materials needed

· Construction paper or cardstock

· Non-toxic paint

· Paintbrush or sponge

· Markers or pens for decorating

Step-by-step instructions

1. Start by folding your cardstock or construction paper in half to create a card shape.

2. Help your child pick out paint colors and apply a generous amount to their hand with a brush or sponge.

3. Press their hand firmly onto the front of the card.

For a cleaner edge, you can outline their hand on the card first and then paint within the outline.

4. Once the handprint is dry, encourage your child to draw or write a sweet message for Dad on the inside of the card.

5. Decorate the front of the card around the handprint with markers, stickers, or more paint, turning the handprint into a fun picture or just adding embellishments.

Tips for making the most of your handprint Father’s Day card

· Use Dad’s favorite colors for the handprint and decorations to make it more personal.

· Turn the handprint into something Dad loves, like a fish if he enjoys fishing or a basketball.

· Add a poem or a heartfelt message inside the card to make it extra special.

Variations and customization options

· For multiple children, use a larger card and have each child do a handprint in a different color.

· Transform the handprint into an animal, such as a peacock or a bear, using additional craft materials like googly eyes and feathers.

· Create a 3D effect by gluing on folds of paper or small springs behind objects like cut-out hearts or foam stars.

Handprint Keychain

A keychain is a practical gift that Dad will see every day.

A handprint keychain is not only functional but also a sweet reminder of his little one.

Overview of the project

Here, you create a custom keychain featuring a child’s handprint.

It’s a delightful way to carry a piece of sentimental value wherever you go.

Materials needed

· Shrinky Dinks plastic or similar material

· Permanent markers

· Hole punch

· Keychain rings

· Oven and oven-safe tray

· Parchment paper

Step-by-step instructions

1. Trace the child’s handprint onto the shrunk plastic with a permanent marker.

2. Decorate the handprint with markers, adding designs or a message like “I love you, Dad.”

3. Cut out the handprint following the outline.

4. Use the hole punch to make a hole where you want the keychain ring to go.

5. Place the handprint on an oven-safe tray lined with parchment paper and follow the instructions on the Shrinky Dinks package to bake it.

6. Once cooled, attach the keychain ring through the hole.

Tips for making the most of your handprint keychain

· Before baking, make sure the hole is large enough, as it will shrink along with the plastic.

· Use the handprint’s decoration to camouflage any smudges, turning them into part of the design.

· Keychain decorations like beads or additional tags can be added to the ring for extra flair.

Variations and customization options

· Add a small photo of the child next to the handprint for a personalized touch.

· If you have more than one child, each can make a handprint to create a collection of keychains.

· Layer different colors of plastic for a multicolored effect before baking.

Handprint Photo Frame

A photo is worth a thousand words, and a personalized handprint frame makes sharing memories even more special.

Overview of the project

This DIY craft entails creating a decorative picture frame with a child’s handprint as a central feature.

It’s a charming way to showcase favorite family photos.

Materials needed

· Wooden picture frame

· Non-toxic paint

· Paintbrush

· Decorative elements (stickers, markers, glitter, etc.)

· Clear sealant or Mod Podge (optional)

Step-by-step instructions

1. Paint the wooden frame in a solid color as a basecoat and let it dry.

2. Coat the child’s hand with a contrasting color and have them press their hand onto the frame.

3. Once the handprint is dry, add decorative elements to the frame, personalizing it for Dad.

4. If necessary, apply a clear sealant or Mod Podge over the frame to protect the artwork.

5. Insert a fun family photo that Dad will love.

Tips for making the most of your handprint photo frame

· Consider using painter’s tape to create clean lines or patterns on the frame before painting.

· If multiple children want to participate, use a larger frame that can accommodate all their handprints.

· Decorate with themes or symbols that have significance to your family.

Variations and customization options

· For a rustic look, try wood staining the frame instead of painting it.

Just remember to use child-safe and non-toxic products.

· Create a seasonal frame by choosing appropriate colors and decorations, like blues and beach-themed stickers for summer.

· Attach small hooks or clips to the frame so Dad can easily switch out photos as he pleases.

Handprint Wall Art

Wall art adds personality and warmth to a home.

Handprint wall art is a simple yet profound way to cherish memories.

Overview of the project

This craft turns a child’s handprint into a piece of wall art.

Ideally, this would be a fun activity to do together with Dad, if possible, as a memorable experience.

Materials needed

· Canvas or heavy paper

· Non-toxic paint in various colors

· Paintbrushes

· Picture hanging kit

Step-by-step instructions

1. Decide on a design for your art piece.

It could be a tree where handprints serve as leaves or a sun with handprints as the rays—let your imagination run wild.

2. Paint the background of your canvas if desired, and let it dry.

3. Have the child dip their hand in paint and press it onto the canvas in the design you’ve chosen.

4. Allow the handprints to dry thoroughly before adding any additional details with paint or markers.

5. Once the masterpiece is complete and dry, mount it using a picture hanging kit.

Tips for making the most of your handprint wall art

· For an extra touch, stencil in a heartfelt quote or Father’s Day message.

· Mix paints to create new colors for the handprints, making each one unique.

· If you’re not using a canvas with a built-in mounting system, attach the mounting hardware carefully to avoid damaging the artwork.

Variations and customization options

· Create a galaxy theme with a black or dark blue background and colorful handprints as planets and stars.

· For fathers with multiple children, each child can have their color for their handprints.

· Combine handprints with footprints for a playful mix of shapes.

Handprint Coasters

Functional art has a charm of its own, and handprint coasters serve as a practical reminder of familial love every day.

Overview of the project

Turning your child’s handprint into a set of coasters creates both a sentimental and useful gift for Dad.

These coasters provide a personalized touch to any coffee table or desk.

Materials needed

· Tile squares or thick cardboard cut into squares

· Non-toxic acrylic paint

· Felt or cork for the coaster bottom

· Mod Podge or waterproof sealant

· Hot glue gun

Step-by-step instructions

1. Press the child’s painted handprint onto the center of the tile or cardboard square.

2. Once all handprints are dry, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge or waterproof sealant over the top to protect the design and make the coasters water-resistant.

3. Cut out felt or cork squares slightly smaller than your coaster top.

4. Using the hot glue gun, stick the felt or cork to the bottom of the coaster to protect surfaces from scraping.

Tips for making the most of your handprint coasters

· Seal the coasters thoroughly, as they will come in contact with moisture from drinks.

· If you’re feeling adventurous, use ceramic paints and bake the tiles according to the instructions for a more durable finish.

· Personalize each coaster with a different color or design to make a complete set that stands out.

Variations and customization options

· Embellish around the handprint with small tiles or beads for a mosaic effect.

· Combine multiple handprints on a larger tile to make a trivet for larger dishes.

· Add Dad’s favorite sports team colors or logos for a customized theme.


Crafting a Father’s Day gift yourself is more than just creating something from the heart—it’s about providing a tangible representation of love and admiration.

These DIY handprint crafts offer a variety of creative ways to say “Happy Father’s Day” with a personal touch that store-bought gifts just can’t match.

We encourage you to try one or more of these crafts, whether you’re keeping your children engaged in a family-centric activity or crafting something special on your own.

The benefits of creating these personalized handprint crafts resonate far beyond Father’s Day—they become mementos of childhood, family bonds, and the kind of love that only these hands-on gifts can express.