Daddy Doodie Duty Apron

Tractor made from diapers and basket
Baby prince diaper castle
Batman Diaper Cake
Blue tub filled with diapers and rubber ducks
Call of doody diaper apron
Cuddly deer on diaper motorbike empty saran wrap tubes wrapped with wash cloths and toilet paper tubes added to each end to extend the length
Daddy duty apron with diapers
Diaper bear with bibs and googly eyes
Diaper book tower with fluffy blue penguin
Diaper bouquet in vase with toy and nappy ointment
Diaper cake themed hamper
Diaper cake with rubber ducks and sunflowers
Diaper Carousel with blue glitter
Diaper Carousel
Diaper choo choo train with blue gingham and cute bunny driver
Diaper fire truck with little monkey
Dream catcher tiered diaper cake
Frog towel with layered diaper cake
Mickey diaper guitar the shape is formed with baby blankets
Paw patrol diaper truck
Super quick and easy to make with diaper babies in the bottom of the vase
Very unique creative teddy playing diaper drums wrapped in blue blankets

It’s not just new Mothers that need a helping hand new Daddy’s also need a bit of help too and what better way to get them ready for all the challenges of a newborn baby than making them this adorable “Daddy Duty Apron”! It has all the pockets and supplies they need for a thorough baby change, while Mommy can take a little break!

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Daddy duty apron with diapers