25+ DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make this Holiday Season!

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and crafty! I don’t know about you but this is my favorite time of year, and as we get closer to the big day I get so excited about decorating my home with loads of festive crafts. And the best part is I can share all these magic moments with my children…and that’s what Christmas is all about – memories that will stay with you forever!

1. DIY Colorful Snow Globes

DIY Colorful Snow Globes
Reuse baby food jars to make these adorable snow globes. You’ll also need distilled water and glycerin which can be purchased from any craft store. Make a Christmas character such as a snowman from polymer clay and glue that to the lid.
Tutorial DIY Colorful Snow Globes


2. DIY Snowmen Ornaments

DIY Snowmen Ornaments
With two styrofoam balls and an old sock – you can make this sweet snowman buddy. Position the balls in the sock to form the snowman and tie off at the neck with a red ribbon for the scarf.
Tutorial DIY Snowmen Ornaments


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3. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Mason Jar Snow Globe
Upcycle an old jar to make this cute gift idea. Glue a mini tree to the lid of the jar and add distilled water and glitter to the jar. Hold it all together with locktite glue and finish with some decorative string.
Tutorial Mason Jar Snow Globe


4. Coca Cola Truck with DC Motor

Coca Cola Truck with DC Motor
Fed up with all the coca cola cans lying round your house ? Turn them into trucks with this clever idea.
Tutorial Coca Cola Truck with DC Motor


5. DIY Desktop Soccer Game from Cardboard

DIY Desktop Soccer Game from Cardboard
Turn cardboard into a fun soccer game with items you already have in your home. Even the goal post is made with sticks and a popsicle stick frame.
Tutorial DIY Desktop Soccer Game from Cardboard


6. DIY Plastic Bottle Helicopter

DIY Plastic Bottle Helicopter
A craft and a toy have never been cheaper to make by upcycling plastic bottles. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to get this project off the ground.
Tutorial DIY Plastic Bottle Helicopter


7. How to Make a Robotic Arm at Home out of Cardboard

How to Make a Robotic Arm at Home out of Cardboard
Learn how to make a robotic arm with 5 fingers with this awesome tutorial. It also comes in handy as a grabbing device for times when you’re feeling a bit lazy!
Tutorial How to Make a Robotic Arm at Home out of Cardboard


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8. DIY Minecraft Glitter Ornaments

DIY Minecraft Glitter Ornaments
You’ll need square ornaments, glitter adhesive, different colored glitters and some electrical tape to make these adorable decorations. Begin by swirling glitter adhesive inside the ornament and then using the color glitter you need ie green – swirl this inside. Add the facial features by cutting them out in the relevant tape color.
Tutorial DIY Minecraft Glitter Ornaments


9. Mini Mouse Christmas Ornament

Mini Mouse Christmas Ornament
Bring the charm of Disney to your tree with this easy to make Mini mouse ornament. You’ll need one red bauble and two smaller ones. Glue the two mini baubles onto the bigger one to form the ears. Paint the top half of the bauble in black and add white dots to the bottom. This would also make a great gift for any Disney lover.
Tutorial Mini Mouse Christmas Ornament


10. DIY Mini Christmas Decorations

DIY Mini Christmas Decorations
Give a Christmas makeover to a dolls house with these mini decorations. The mini fireplace is made from a 450g Tide cardboard box, while the mini Christmas stockings are constructed out of cotton pads and watercolor.
Tutorial DIY Mini Christmas Decorations


11. Mini Snowman from Fake Snow

Mini Snowman from Fake Snow
Don’t bother making a snowman out in the cold when you can make this fun indoor snowman with just two ingredients that you probably have in the house including, baking soda and white hair conditioner. The best part is – he won’t melt!
Tutorial Mini Snowman from Fake Snow


12. Snowman Ornaments

Snowman Ornaments 1
Record their handprints forever on these adorable snowmen baubles. Begin by painting your child’s hand with white paint and allow him to grab the bauble. Once dry add details to the snowman with washi tape for scarves and paint for facial details. It also makes a great gift for grandparents.
Tutorial Snowman Ornaments


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13. Easy Snowman Ornament

Easy Snowman Ornament
For a super easy and super cute ornament purchase some clear baubles and fill them with cotton or cushion filling and paint little faces to make adorable snowmen to hang on the tree.
Tutorial Easy Snowman Ornament


14. Sliding Penguins on Banister with Lights

Sliding Penguins on Banister with Lights
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15. Christmas Tree Paper Plate

Christmas tree paper plate
This will look adorable on your door. Simply cut a paper plate into 3 equal wedges and paint green. Glue each wedge to form the tree and embellish accordingly to recreate this one.
Tutorial Christmas Tree Paper Plate


16. Snowman Fridge Hack

Snowman Fridge Hack 1
Transform your fridge into frosty the snowman by cutting out cardboard circles in different sizes for the eyes and buttons and then paint them black. Cut out a triangle and paint it orange for the nose and stick them to your fridge for a quick festive makeover for your kitchen.
Tutorial Snowman Fridge Hack


17. DIY Christmas Village

DIY Christmas Village
Kids will have great fun crafting this winter village from cardboard tubes which are then painted in bright colors to spark the imagination.
Tutorial DIY Christmas Village


18. DIY Pine Cone Trees

DIY Pine Cone Trees
Pinecones are essential for winter crafts as they are so reminiscient of everything festive. Gather as many as you can and paint them green. Decorate them with little jewels and pieces of ribbon or broken necklaces.
Tutorial DIY Pine Cone Trees


19. Homemade Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

Homemade Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments
With some wire, beads that fit on the wire, and some card stock you can make these bejeweled ornaments to be treasured forever.
Tutorial Homemade Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments


20. Paper Roll Plastic Cup Santas

Paper Roll Plastic Cup Santas
There’s no end to the amount of things you can make with paper rolls – and this santa is perfect for winter crafting. In addition to the card board tubes you’ll also need googly eyes and a mini red cup to make this festive fellow.
Tutorial Paper Roll Plastic Cup Santas


21. Sock Snowmen

Sock Snowmen
Make these fun snowmen by filling a white sock with rice and decorating with another more colorful sock tha is cut in half to make the jacket and hat.
Tutorial Sock Snowmen


22. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Baubles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Baubles
To make these fun TMNT ornaments you’ll need green baubles or you can paint plain ones green. Cut out the relevant color masks in paper and add googly eyes.
Tutorial Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Baubles


23. Candy Cane Christmas Trees

Candy Cane Christmas Trees
These make great little favors to hand out at parties. MAke the tree from green felt and a mini candy cane is woven into it to form the trunk.
Tutorial Candy Cane Christmas Trees


24. How to Craft a Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

How to Craft a Toilet Paper Roll Snowman
Paint a paper roll white and embellish with buttons and googly eyes to make these cute snowmen.
Tutorial How to Craft a Toilet Paper Roll Snowman


25. Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial
Make the cute snowman from Frozen, Olaf with socks, cushion filling, googly eyes and black and orange felt for the eyes and nose.
Tutorial Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial


26. Santa Going Down a Toilet Paper Roll Chimney

Santa Going Down a Toilet Paper Roll Chimney
To make this Santa in a chimney , you’ll first cut out some red card stock to fit around the cradboard tube. Draw in brick lines with a black marker and stick this to your tube using glue. Make the legs with red and black card stock.
Tutorial Santa Going Down a Toilet Paper Roll Chimney


27. Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments
You’ll need instant hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and a clear plastic fillable ornament to recreate this idea.
Tutorial Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments


28. Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Craft
Crafted from empty toilet paper rolls these typical Christmas characters made with paint, fabirc for hats and markers to draw in the eyes. See how creative you can get with it.
Tutorial Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Craft


29. DIY Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments

DIY Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments
Popsicle sticks have infinite possibilities. These Christmas figures are made with paint, google eyes, buttons and ribbon to hang them on the tree.
Tutorial DIY Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments


30. Wood Snowman Ornaments

Wood Snowman Ornaments
Transform popsicle sticks into this snowman ornament by gluing 5 popsicle sticks in a row onto some card. One popsicle stick is glued across to form the snowman’s hat – which is then painted black. Add google eyes and the nose which is made from the orange card.
Tutorial Wood Snowman Ornaments


31. DIY Fairy Lanterns

DIY Fairy Lanterns
Capture their imaginations by making this fun fairy lantern from a mason jar, fairy cutouts, white acrylic paint and a battery operated tea light. Begin by applying white acrylic paint to the inside of your jar with a sponge. Once dry you cam add fake moss inside and glue your fairy cutout to the inside glass. Add some ivy and screw the lid on.
Tutorial DIY Fairy Lanterns