December Crafts for Teens

5 December Crafts for Teens

Crafting can be a fantastic way for teens to express their creativity, learn new skills, and make something they can be proud of.

Engaging in crafting activities offers a range of benefits, from enhancing fine motor skills and fostering innovation to providing a therapeutic outlet for stress relief.

It’s also a wonderful way for them to personalize their space or give meaningful handmade gifts to friends and family.

In this article, we’ll share five delightful December crafts that are perfect for teenagers.

From cozy pine craft wood squares to chic handmade earrings, these projects are sure to ignite their creativity during the festive season. Read on to discover fun and inspiring craft ideas that can be customized to reflect their style.

5 December Crafts for Teens

Craft 1: Pine Craft Wood Squares

Materials Needed

To create a charming rustic wood square, teens will need the following:

· Pine craft wood squares (available at craft stores)

· Sandpaper

· Acrylic paints or wood stains

· Paintbrushes

· Stencils or stamps (optional)

· Sealant (optional, for protecting the finished work)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Start by sanding the wood square to ensure a smooth surface free of splinters.

2. Next, apply a coat of paint or wood stain, choosing a color that suits the intended decor or personal taste.

Allow it to dry.

3. Use stencils, stamps, or freehand painting to add decorative details or a personalized message.

4. Once the artwork is complete and dry, apply a sealant for added protection and a polished look.

Personalization Options

Teens can personalize their wood square by painting their favorite quote, a festive design, or even creating a collage of their favorite things.

There’s no limit to how creative they can get!

Uses for the Finished Product

The finished wood square can serve as a unique piece of wall art, a coaster for mugs, or even the base for a handmade clock.

It’s a versatile craft that can add a personal touch of warmth to any room.

Additional Ideas for Wood Crafts

Beyond pine wood squares, other craft ideas could include making picture frames, customized signs for bedroom doors, or even hand-painted wooden jewelry.

Craft 2: Magazine Collage

Necessary Supplies

For an eco-friendly craft, a magazine collage requires:

· Old magazines or newspapers

· A large piece of paper or canvas as the base

· Scissors

· Glue sticks or Mod Podge

· Clear sealant (optional)

Creating the Collage

1. Start by cutting out images, words, and patterns that resonate or create an aesthetically pleasing palette.

2. Arrange the cut-outs on the paper or canvas before gluing them down to plan out the final design.

3. Once satisfied with the layout, begin pasting the pieces, layering them to add depth and interest.

4. Seal the collage with a clear coat to protect it and give it a finished sheen.

Adding Personal Touches

Encourage teens to weave in elements that reflect their identity and interests, whether it’s music, fashion, or pop culture.

It’s about creating a piece of art that speaks to them.

Displaying the Collage

The completed collage can become a statement piece in their bedroom, adding color and texture to their personal space.

Alternatively, it can be a thoughtful gift that tells a story.

Exploring Different Themes for Collages

The versatility of a collage allows for endless themes, from nature to cityscapes to abstract expressions.

Each collage can be an exploration into a different world or mood.

Craft 3: Handmade Earrings

Gathering Materials

To create unique earrings, teens will need:

· Earring hooks

· Beads, charms, and wire or pre-made earring bases

· Pliers and wire cutters

· Jewelry adhesives

Making the Earrings

1. Select beads or charms and plan out the design.

2. Use wire to create hoops or links, and attach the beads or charms using the pliers.

3. Once the design is assembled, attach the earring hook.

4. Allow any adhesive used to set fully before wearing the earrings.

Adding Unique Elements

Encourage the use of unconventional materials, like fabric scraps, small toys, or found objects, to create earrings that stand outside the box.

Wearing and Gifting the Earrings

These handmade earrings can complement an outfit, make a statement, or serve as a special gift for someone.

They are more than accessories, they’re wearable art!

Exploring Different Earring Designs

Challenge teens to research different styles and techniques, like making tassels, and studs, or using polymer clay to shape original designs.

Craft 4: Decorate an IKEA Magazine Holder

Materials Needed

For a personalized storage solution, you’ll need:

· An IKEA magazine holder (or any similar cardboard or wooden holder)

· Acrylic paints, fabric, or wrapping paper

· Mod Podge or glue

· Embellishments (stickers, washi tape, etc.)

Decorating the Magazine Holder

1. Plan a design scheme, be it a monochromatic look, geometric patterns, or a collage of different textiles.

2. Paint, wrap, or glue your chosen materials onto the magazine holder.

3. Add layers of Mod Podge to secure paper or fabric and give it a polished look.

4. Finish with stickers or washi tape for added flair.

Using the Magazine Holder

This craft not only feeds creativity but also offers a practical solution for organizing magazines, books, or art supplies.

It’s tidiness meeting style!

Personalizing the Design

Teach teens to reflect their personality or match their room decor when designing their magazine holders, reinforcing that they have the power to shape their environment.

Exploring Different Designs for Magazine Holders

There’s no one way to decorate a magazine holder.

From decoupage to hand-drawing patterns, every holder can be a unique masterpiece.

Craft 5: Washer Necklace

Selecting the Right Materials

For a trendy and industrial look, gather:

· Metal washers of various sizes

· Nail polish or acrylic paint

· Cord or leather string

· Beads (optional)

Making the Necklace

1. Paint the metal washers with nail polish or acrylics and let them dry.

2. Thread the cord through the washers, adding beads in between if desired.

3. Tie the cord ends securely or add a clasp for a more professional finish.

Adding Personal Touches

Personalization can include using favorite colors, adding initials, or layering washers for a multidimensional effect.

Wearing and Gifting the Necklace

This minimalist yet chic necklace can accessorize an outfit or be a handmade present that is both thoughtful and stylish.

Exploring Different Necklace Designs

Push the boundaries by combining different colors, and textures, or even incorporating other materials like wood slices or old keys.


We’ve journeyed through five fun and versatile December crafts perfect for teens.

Crafting can be a powerful outlet for self-expression and an opportunity to unwind during the busy holiday season.

These projects not only result in tangible keepsakes or gifts but also reinforce valuable life skills like patience, problem-solving, and technical prowess.

Encouraging teens to explore crafting means prompting them to innovate and create on their own terms.

The importance of creativity and self-expression in the development of a teenager cannot be overstressed.

When a teen crafts something with their hands, they are making a small statement about who they are and who they want to be.

As we wrap up, we invite all creative teens out there to take these ideas, make them their own, and most importantly, share their masterpieces with the world.

Whether displayed at home, given as gifts, or even sold at a local craft fair, these handmade creations hold the essence of their maker and the joy of creation.

So, grab your supplies, let your creativity flow, and enjoy the wonderful world of crafting this December!