December crafts for Adolescents

5 December crafts for Adolescents

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the joy of transforming our surroundings with festive decor and heartwarming tokens of affection.

The month of December, especially for adolescents, is a brilliant canvas for expressing creativity and learning new skills through crafting.

Engaging in craft activities is not merely a way to pass the time; it’s a pursuit that encourages innovationfine motor development, and emotional well-being.

Handcrafting during this joyful time of the year adds a personal touch to the celebrations and can serve as a medium for adolescents to communicate their individuality and traditions.

It’s also a great opportunity for them to disconnect from the digital world and engage in an activity that promotes mindfulness and relaxation.

In this article, we’ll delve into 5 December crafts tailored for adolescents.

These projects are thoughtfully chosen for their appeal to a younger demographic, providing both a challenge and a platform for self-expression.

There’s a range of ideas here to suit various tastes—from classic snow globes to luminous jar lanterns—guaranteeing a little something for everyone.

So, grab your scissors, glitter, and a warm cup of cocoa as we explore these festive crafting ideas that promise to make this December more memorable.

5 December crafts for Adolescents

Craft 1: Handmade Snow Globe

Materials Needed

Before we dive into the magical world of snow globes, you’ll need to gather a few supplies:

· A clear, sealable jar (preferably glass for a more authentic look)

· Distilled water

· Glycerin (to thicken the water and make the “snow” fall slowly)

· Glitter or artificial snowflakes

· Waterproof superglue

· Small, waterproof figurines or decorations

· Sandpaper (if the lid needs some roughening up for glue to stick)

· Ribbon or fabric (optional, for decoration)

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Prepare your jar by ensuring it is clean and dry.

If the lid doesn’t have a textured interior, use the sandpaper to roughen it up slightly for better glue adhesion.

2. Choose and affix the figurines to the inside of the jar lid using waterproof superglue.

Make sure they’re securely attached.

3. Fill the jar with distilled water, leaving a little bit of space at the top to accommodate the figurines when the lid is screwed on.

4. Add glycerin, which helps to make the snow or glitter fall slowly.

A few drops should suffice.

5. Sprinkle in the glitter or fake snow.Go easy—it’s tempting to add a lot, but too much can make the water murky.

6. Seal the jar. Once the glue on the figurines has dried, screw the lid onto the jar tightly.

If necessary, apply superglue around the edge of the lid to prevent leaks.

7. Shake it up! Turn the snow globe over, give it a gentle shake, and watch the magic happen.

8. Decorate the exterior of the lid with ribbon or fabric for a festive look.

Tips for Personalizing the Snow Globe

To make the snow globe truly your own, consider these suggestions:

· Use figurines from old toys, or sculpt your own with waterproof clay.

· Include mementos unique to your life or interests.

· Customize with paint or permanent markers.

Benefits of This Craft Activity

Creating a snow globe is not just enjoyable but also beneficial as it:

· Enhances fine motor skills and attention to detail.

· Foster’s patience and the ability to follow detailed instructions.

· Allows an outlet for personal expression and evokes a sense of pride in creating a decoration.

Variations and Additional Ideas

Consider these added twists for your snow globe:

· Create a themed globe centered around your favorite holiday story or character.

· Add a musical element by attaching a wind-up music box to the base.

· Create a winter scene with multiple jars and display them together.

Craft 2: Holiday Greeting Cards

Necessary Supplies

To embark on this time-honored holiday tradition, stock up on:

· Cardstock or pre-folded blank cards

· Markers, pens, or paints

· Glue and scissors

· Decorative elements like ribbons, stickers, or washi tape

· Stamps and ink pads

Creating Different Designs

To design your greeting cards, you can:

1. Experiment with shapes.

Use cut-outs to create snowflakesChristmas trees, or Hanukkah stars.

2. Try your hand at drawing.

Sketch your favorite holiday scenes or characters.

3. Incorporate mixed media.

Combine painting with elements like fabric for texture.

4. Play with paper folding techniques to create pop-up cards.

5. Use stamps for a quick and effective design, perfect for making sets of cards.

Writing Meaningful Messages

Inside the card, encourage teens to write something heartfelt and personal.

This could be a favorite memory shared with the recipient, hopes for the upcoming year, or simply a message of warmth and cheer.

Exploring Different Techniques

Push your creativity further by exploring techniques such as:

· Watercolor washes for a soft, ethereal background.

· Collage using magazine clippings or photos.

· Calligraphy or hand-lettering for an elegant touch.

Sharing the Cards with Loved Ones

Once completed, adolescents can share their cards with family and friends, spreading joy and showing that they care through their creative efforts.

Craft 3: Festive Mason Jar Lanterns

Gathering the Materials

This craft involves transforming mason jars into enchanting lanterns.

You will need:

· Mason jars (any size will do)

· Paints and brushes

· Glue and glitter

· Battery-operated tea lights or fairy lights

· Ribbons or twine

· Additional decorations, such as beads or stickers

Painting and Decorating the Jars

1. Paint the exterior of the jars with festive colors or designs, letting them dry completely.

2. Add a layer of glue and glitter for some sparkle, or use the glue to affix additional decorations.

3. Tie ribbons or twine around the neck of the jar for a charming touch.

Adding Lights or Candles

Drop in a battery-operated tea light or a string of tiny fairy lights to transform your jar into a lantern.

Make sure to use battery-operated lights for safety, as closed jars can become too hot with a real flame.

Safety Precautions

Make certain that:

· Only battery-operated lights are used within enclosed jars.

· Lanterns are placed on stable, heat-resistant surfaces when lit.

· If opting for real candles, opt for an open-top jar and never leave it unattended.

Using the Lanterns as Decor or Gifts

These lanterns can brighten up a bedside table, add ambiance to a cozy reading nook, or serve as heartfelt homemade gifts to teachers, friends, or family members.

Craft 4: DIY Ornaments

Various Ornament Ideas

From sparkling baubles to rustic wooden cutouts, the choices are endless.

Some ideas include:

· Salt dough ornaments, painted and sealed.

· Clear plastic ornaments filled with glitter or miniature scenes.

· Wooden slices, decorated with paint or marker.

Painting and Embellishing Techniques

Let your creativity shine through by:

· Using different painting styles like dot painting or marbling.

· Adding embellishments such as sequins, beads, or lace.

· Employing stencils for uniform designs.

Incorporating Personal Elements

Personalize your ornaments by:

· Adding monograms or names.

· Affixing photos or memorable quotes.

· Choosing colors and designs that reflect individual style.

Displaying the Ornaments

Once completed, these ornaments can decorate your tree, be strung across a window, or be given as tokens of appreciation.

Plus, they make for a lovely annual tradition.

Hosting an Ornament-Making Party

Get friends involved by hosting a crafting session.

It’s a fantastic way to bond and share in the holiday spirit.

Craft 5: Hand-Decorated Gift Wrapping

Essential Wrapping Supplies

To start, make sure to have:

· Plain wrapping paper

· Fabric scraps or used newspapers for an eco-friendly option

· Ribbons, twine, or yarn

· Decorative elements like buttons, pine cones, or dried flowers

· Tags and markers

Creative Wrapping Techniques

Creative wrapping can turn presents into works of art.

Try these techniques:

· Use the furoshiki method with fabric for a reusable wrapping alternative.

· Experiment with layering paper, fabric, and ribbons.

· Employ natural elements like greenery or twigs for a rustic touch.

Making and Adding Unique Gift Tags

Crafting personalized gift tags adds a special element to the present.

Use cardstock, scissors, and a little imagination to create shapesthemes, and colors that complement your wrapping.

Environmental Considerations

As we become more environmentally conscious, consider:

· Using recycled materials for wrapping and tags.

· Avoiding non-recyclable elements like plastic-based glitter.

· Encouraging recipients to repurpose or recycle their wrappings.

Showcasing the Wrapped Gifts

After spending time on the wrapping, make sure to display your gifts in a place where they can be appreciated even before being opened—under the tree, on a shelf, or as part of a tabletop arrangement.


We’ve explored a collection of December crafts that not only fill the time with joyful activities but also allow adolescents to express themselves and develop useful skills.

From the captivating swirl of a snow globe to the personalized touch on a gift wrap, crafting can add an extra layer of wonder to the festive season.

These projects are not just crafts; they’re keepsakes of a moment in time, expressions of individuality, and course, heartfelt gifts that can mean so much to both the maker and the receiver.

During this season of giving, homemade items carry a certain sentimental value that store-bought presents often lack.

So, to all the creative adolescents out there, embrace the spirit of crafting.

Take these ideas and make them uniquely yours.

Remember that the process is just as important as the end product, so savor the moments of making, creating, and sharing.

As you hold your finished creations, know that you’ve made something truly special.

Don’t hesitate to share your crafted masterpieces with friends and family, or even on social media if you’re inclined.

Let them inspire others and spread the message that the holiday season is a time of joy, warmth, and creativity.

Ultimately, the importance of crafting goes beyond the holiday season.

It teaches valuable lessons in patience, detail orientation, and self-expression.

It can become a lifelong passion or simply a way to make the holidays shine a little brighter.

Whatever the outcome, the memories and skills garnered along the way are gifts in themselves.

So here’s to a December filled with glitter, paint, laughter, and plenty of creative crafting!