Snowman candy bars

DIY Snowman Candy Bars

This is a super simple, cute stocking stuffer made with fleece, Hershey Bars, mini jingle bells, linen thread and a hot glue gun.
Candy Cane Sleigh

Candy Cane Santa Sleigh

Ho Ho Ho! These are so cute and super easy to make. You need a hot glue gun, glue sticks, bags, kit kats, candy...
Candy Cane Gifts

DIY Christmas Gift Mug

Now that we are finally in to the chilly part of the year there's no doubt all your friends and family will want to...
Instant Mocha Mix DIY Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Mini DIY Hot Cocoa Test Tube Mixers

Learn how to make this adorable hot chocolate test tube treat holder for an awesome and inexpensive Christmas gift you can make for all...

50+ DIY Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas

Gift baskets are a great way to showcase your handmade gifts - so why not try a few of the tutorials below and create...
Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp 1

How To Make An Illuminated Ping Pong Ball Lamp

Ok if you're looking for a festive Decoration for your home that will be turning heads all season long, then look no further than...
Ceiling Hanging Sparkle Ball

How To Make Ceiling Hanging Sparkle Ball

This is an awesome and really inexpensive Christmas decoration made from LED lights and disposable cups. Simply hot glue Styrofoam cups together to form...
Ornament Wreath

How to Make a Dollar Store Christmas Wreath

You're going to love this inexpensive, super quick Christmas tutorial! To start you need to tape two pool noodles together to make a...
Chicken Wire Christmas Balls

How to Make Lighted Christmas Balls

Learn how to make these awesome chicken wire Christmas balls that you can place on the ground or hang from your trees. You'll need...
How to Make a Sparkle Ball

How to Make a Sparkle Ball

This is probably the most awesome DIY Christmas decoration I've seen in a long time! So firstly, you'll need fifty clear plastic cups, a...
Hot Cocoa Ornaments

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

To make these ornaments - you’ll need instant hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips and clear plastic fillable ornaments.

25+ Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

From 'Polka Dot Gold Mugs' to 'Candy Cane Hearts' and 'Hot Cocoa Christmas Ornaments' to 'Cozy Slippers Gift Baskets' check out the only list...