Candy Tackle Box for Valentines

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A tackle box with candy
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Im moving away to New York for college so I gave my boyfriend who lives in California this box full of candy
Tackle Box Valentines Day Present for men youve reeled me in
Valentines Day tackle box made by me

Valentines for guys are tricky. Not too mushy, not too girly. Like Goldilocks, it has to be just right. And though he will listen with long-suffering as I brainstorm ideas, Chris does not share the obsession affection for puns that I do. Opposites attract and all that jazz. But this word nerd can’t be stopped! This cute little gift is the perfect way to tell your Valentine: “I’m yours, hook, line & sinker!” Nothing says love like a tiny tackle box filled with edible lures, bait and weights. That’s right. It’s a Valentine Candy Tackle Box!

View Tutorial Candy Tackle Box | Buy on Amazon Tackle BoxValentines Day present for my boyfriend bought a tackle box and stuffed it with his favorite candies