30+ DIY Baby Shower Ideas for Girls on a Budget

Nothing shows the expecting mom how much you care by making a gorgeous present of your own! So whether you want to make a cute little gift, some adorable decorations or whip up some fabulous treats – we’ve put together 35 stunning baby shower ideas that will give you loads of inspiration!

1. Hot Air Balloons

Hot air Balloons
Sweeten up baby shower decorations with these adorable hot air balloons! Make these super cute hot air balloons with paper straws, balloons and mini bunting – how could your guests not be blown away.
View Tutorial Hot Air Balloons

2. Adorable Napkin Dresses

Adorable Napkin Dresses
Tutorial Adorable Napkin Dresses

3. Floral Balloon Arch

Floral Balloon Arch
Make a whimsical arch from balloons and faux flowers for your guests! This couldn’t be easier to make. You’ll need an assortment of balloons, chicken wire, glue dots and packing tape. Blow up your balloons, attach them with glue dots and affix to the chicken wire using packing tape.
View Tutorial Floral Balloon Arch

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4. Floral Letters

Floral Letters
Say it with flowers! This doubles up as a lovely décor item for baby’s nursery! All you need is some stryofoam blocks, letter stencils of baby’s name and of course some faux flowers!
View Tutorial Floral Letters

5. DIY Unicorn Paper Lanterns

Unicorn Paper Lanterns
Learn how to make these awesome unicorn centerpieces using just dollar store items!
View Tutorial DIY Unicorn Paper Lanterns

6. Cute Ballet Dancer Fork

Cute Ballet Dancer Fork
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7. Baby Shoes Favors

Baby Shoes Favors
Tutorial Baby Shoes Favors

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8. DIY Baby Headbands

DIY Baby Headbands
Tutorial DIY Baby Headbands

9. Sparkle Star Garland

Sparkle Star Garland
Bring on the twinkle for your little star! Awesome for a twinkle twinkle themed bay shower – you could attach this to helium moon balloons for an even cuter look!
Tutorial Sparkle Star Garland | Buy on Amazon Star Punch

10. Kisses Game

Kisses Game
Such a simple but fun game – you can use any candy you want and the person who guesses right or closest guess wins the jar! You can purchase a sign and cards to go with the game to keep track of everyone’s guess and they make a great little addition to your memory book too. Again this makes a great game for birthdays too. Fill your jar with a select amount of candies, write down the number and let the games begin.
Tutorial Kisses Game | Buy Supplies on Amazon Guess Cards | Hershey's Kisses |

11. Headband Making Station

Headband Making Station
This is a fun crafting activity to keep guests amused and relaxed. Set up a crafting station to make baby headbands for the mother-to-be. Get yourself a headband making kit and lay out all the bands with all the trims and set out items to customize like bows and diamonds. Be sure to have plenty of scissors and glue on hand and enjoy the crafting session!
Tutorial Headband Making Station | Buy Supplies on Amazon | Headband Kit | Scissors |

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12. Advice for Mom and Dad

Advice for Mom and Dad
Advice Cards are a super cute baby shower activity – invite guests to offer some words of wisdom to the parents-to-be. Who knows what little gems guests can give you – whether serious or funny. It can also act as a guest book and something sweet to show baby when they are all grown up! You can either make your own cards with nice card stock or you can purchase cards to match the theme of your party.
Tutorial Advice for Mom and Dad | Buy Supplies on Amazon | Advice Cards | Multipurpose Metallic Paper |

13. Basket Full of Laundry Items

Basket Full of Laundry Items
Create a baby laundry basket, topped off with a cute little washing line! You’ll need small wooden dowels and attach them to the side of the basket using ribbon. Tie some twine between the dowels and hang up baby socks with mini clothespins. In your basket you could include items like baby laundry detergent, onesies, pajamas and maybe a little towel. This will be such a huge hit with the mother to be and impress everyone.
Tutorial Basket Full of Laundry Items | Buy Supplies on Amazon | Laundry Basket | Wood Craft Dowels |

14. Picture Frame Guestbook

Picture Frame Guestbook
This is a guestbook and advice and memory frame all in one. Get an empty frame and string bakers twine to make a miniature line. Use tiny clothese pegs for people to peg their notes. Leave little cards and the beauty of this – you can actually frame it as a keepsake.
Tutorial Picture Frame Guestbook | Buy Supplies on Amazon | Gold Frame | Mini Clothespins |

15. Chalkboard Favor Sign

Chalkboard Favor Sign
Grab your guests attention by making a customized chalkboard sign to let them know where to get their favors – and if they are anything like me they will love getting their little gift ! You can either make your own with and old frame and chalkboard paint or purchase one. And because it’s a chalkboard it can be used again and again for other things like dinner parties or even just to leave sweet notes for your other half.
Tutorial Chalkboard Favor Sign | Buy on Amazon Framed Chalkboard

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16. Photo Booth Frame

Photo Booth Frame
This frame is an ideal backdrop to create perfect memories – all the better if you have a Polaroid camera! You’ll need a foam poster board, exacto knife , ruler and embellishments. Rule out the depth of the frame you want and cut with your craft knife. Now you’re ready to embellish to your hearts content! These frames also work great for other parties such as parties and weddings.
Tutorial Photo Booth Frame | Buy Supplies on Amazon | Foam Poster Board | Gold Stickers

17. Name Blocks

Name Blocks
Oversized blocks spelling out babies name – what a perfect backdrop! You’ll need cardboard shipping boxes, gift wrap paper, cardstock paper of your choice to make the letters a letter stencil and scissors. Start by stenciling the letters you want on the cardstock. Cut them out and begin covering your boxes with the paper. Now you are ready to attach each letter to the covered boxes. These blocks can be used again for baby’s 1st birthday etc.
Tutorial Name Blocks | Buy on Amazon | Shipping Boxes

18. Mommy To Be Ribbon

Mommy To Be ribbon
Make mom feel really special by making her this customized mommy-to-be corsage. Attach a flower to multiple strips of pretty ribbon, add a safety pin , add a cute baby shower corsage label. For dad’s corsage, cut out a tie shape from card, and add some embellishments – voila!
Tutorial Mommy To Be Ribbon | Buy on Amazon | Pink Ribbons

19. DIY Ombre Glitter Champagne Bottle

DIY Ombre Glitter Champagne Bottle
Tutorial DIY Ombre Glitter Champagne Bottle

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20. How to Make a Onesie Bouquet

How to Make a Onesie Bouquet
Tutorial How to Make a Onesie Bouquet

21. Mimosa Bar

Mimosa Bar
Tutorial Mimosa Bar

22. Spray Painted Mason Jars with Glitter

Spray Painted Mason Jars with Glitter
Tutorial Spray Painted Mason Jars with Glitter

23. Nutter Butter Babies

Nutter Butter Babies
Here’s a super quick baby shower treat you can make in under twenty minutes with just a few ingredients. Melted white candy melts and dip in the cookie then pipe on the bow shapes using pink candy melts. This idea could also be used for a ballerina birthday party.
Tutorial Nutter Butter Babies | Buy Supplies on Amazon Nutter Butter Cookies | Wilton White Candy Melts

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24. Looking Glass Mason Jars

Looking Glass Mason Jars
No party would be complete without mason jars and flowers. You can use these as centrepieces or room décor or even to collect pretty thing in. You’ll just need Looking Glass spray paint and whatever jars you want to upcycle.
Tutorial Looking Glass Mason Jars | Buy on Amazon Looking Glass Spray Paint

25. Vintage Gumball Machine

Vintage Gumball Machine
This super cute gumball machine would look great for a candy bar. You could paint this any color your like – you just need a terracotta pot a glass bowl and a chalkboard marker for details.
Tutorial Vintage Gumball Machine | Buy on Amazon Chalk Marker Set

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26. Unicorn Centerpiece

Unicorn Centerpiece
Make a magical unicorn centerpiece! Unicorns are perfect for any party from showers to birthdays – and you could base your whole day around this such as unicorn cupcakes and balloons for example.
Tutorial Unicorn Centerpiece27. Take a Photo Every Month Milestone Stickers

Take a Photo Every Month Milestone Stickers
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28. Make a Guest Book Onesie

Make a Guest Book Onesie
Tutorial Make a Guest Book Onesie

29. Made with Love Stamped Almond Shortbread Cookies

Made with Love Stamped Almond Shortbread Cookies
Tutorial Made with Love Stamped Almond Shortbread Cookies

30. DIY Diaper Bassinet

DIY Diaper Bassinet
Tutorial DIY Diaper Bassinet

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31. Pink Mason Jar Drinks

Pink Mason Jar Drinks
Tutorial Pink Mason Jar Drinks

32. Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake Liner Flowers
Tutorial Cupcake Liner Flowers | Buy on Amazon White Straws | Pink Cupcake Liners

33. Pink Tutu Water Bottles

Pink Tutu Water Bottles
Tutorial Pink Tutu Water Bottles

34. Floral Ice Bucket

Floral Ice Bucket
Make your table and your bottle super pretty with a floral ice bucket. Help your guests chill out with this floral chiller – you’ll need faux flowers and an ice bucket + 24 hours freezing time.
Tutorial Floral Ice Bucket | Buy on Amazon Ice Bucket Mold