Baby Shower Cake Recipe

Girl or boy or possibly one of each? Make this pink and blue cake for the next baby shower, or make it to give as a gift. Whether it’s a much-anticipated ‘reveal’ cake or just something pretty to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one, no baby shower is complete without a cake to mark the occasion. Here are 10 ideas for baby shower cakes that are totally worth the effort.

Traditional Baby Shower cake for a little girl

Source: Rasnabakes Elearning

magnetic wristband


More ideas…

Angel wings


magnetic wristband

Baby carriage pull apart cake


Baby girl shower cake


Baby rattle cupcakes


Baby shower cake with a tutu stand


Baby shower pull apart cupcake Tiny hands and Little feet hello baby good bye sleep


Babys breath and burlap bunting


Belly cake with delicious buttercream

magnetic wristband


Cactus cake for girls baby shower


Mermaid baby shower cake with fondant baby




Pink and gold princess smash cake

magnetic wristband


Pink and Gray Baby Shower Cake


Princess cake pink and gold theme


Rosette sheet cake


Twinkle twinkle little star style cake with icing stars