Baby Shower Appetizer Ideas for Boys

Serve up these light appetizers so you still have plenty of room for all the other eats. As anyone who’s ever thrown a baby shower knows, these festive gatherings are especially fun to plan. Between the decorations and party games, pretty much everything about baby showers falls into the category of “Awww, how cute!” Still, they’re also a lot of work, especially when it comes to the food.

banana seal

Source: Amina is Cooking

magnetic wristband


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Babies in a cradle deviled eggs for a baby shower or announcement


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baby sausage rolls


Baby Shower Food Ideas


All the food had sports themed buffet cards with labels


baseball baby shower


Baseball baby shower appetizer table


baseball fruit tray


BLT on skewers

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Cheese ball and crackers


Cuteness for a baby shower Graham cracker bears in chocolate cars


egg prams


Egg strollers could use thick pickle slices for the wheels

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Grape and strawberry caterpillars


Ham cheese cubes with skewers


Healthy table spread with watermelon


Heffalump droppings kanga roos springs


I love this spread cheese hams and fruits


Little slugger baby shower


Little whales tea sandwiches for a nautical baby shower

owl vegetable tray


Round sandwiches with tomato and cheese and basil leaf


Shower ideas Tiffany blue Mint


Turkey avocado and tomato wraps


Veggie tray with dips served in peppers


Woodland themed baby shower food owl cheese ball